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When in Italy This Past Summer, My Fashion Marketing Clas...

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
When in Italy this past summer, my fashion marketing clas... When in Italy this past summer, my fashion marketing class took a trip to the 'outlet malls'. If you have ever been to a European outlet mall you know that it is NOTHING like American outlet malls. Yes they still have all the same amazing deals, but they are located outside of the city (okay I guess ours are too) but they are very peaceful. No hustle and bussle like here. I wanted to walk away with something (and had just spend about 20 minuetes staring at these Prada platforms) so I went into the Armani store. I never really thought of myself as someone who would wear their clothing (except gowns but I am not a movie star so no need for gowns) but their jewelry...whole different ball game. I saw these earrings, tried them on and said ow ow ow they are soo heavy!! But I went for it anyways, ahh the pains of fashion. I had not had a chance to wear them until a few weeks ago, because they are a serious statement piece. I went into the night fearing they would be removed shortly after but surprisingly I lasted the majority of night. 

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