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Whatnot Wednesday: How My Coffee Addiction Ruined My Life

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1

How My Coffee Addiction Ruined My Life

Hello my name is Adrienne and I am a caffeine addict. I didn’t used to be a caffeine addict. Not until I had kids and started burning the midnight oil and still had to wake up in the morning and start all over again! My caffeine source of choice: High Octane Coffee.

Woman Drinking Coffee

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It all started out innocently enough. At first it was just an afternoon pick me up. A small Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte purchased from a stocking stuffer Starbucks gift card. It was a small reward for making it through the morning while keeping my insanity intact. It helped me get through the rest of the day.

Coffee Maker

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Then I was introduced to the coffee maker by my enabler. My husband drinks coffee all day long at work and starts the coffee maker when he wakes up. So my afternoon once in awhile treat turned into a morning cup of joe.


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I started to think about how good that cup of coffee in the am was going to be when I went to sleep at night. The faster I got to sleep the faster I could have that morning cup of coffee.

This pattern went on for quite some time. Then one day after a particular sleepless night I had one cup of coffee as per my morning ritual. And then I had another. After the second cup of coffee I was vibrating at a whole new level. I could get the laundry done, pay the bills and clean the house with record speed. I was energized, mentally focused and up for anything.

I rock

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Then the clock struck 3 pm and there was a loud crash. It was me literally falling on the couch from exhaustion. I was crashing hard.  Coming down off my high. Barely able to keep my eyes open.  I would catch a quick nap if possible, but remained groggy the rest of the day. Around 10pm I would catch a 2nd wind and stay up till 1 or 2. Trying to catch up.

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Then the cycle would begin again. Only now I was really legitimately tired because I had been up till 2 am. I noticed that I was developing dark circles under my eyes and I was slowly gaining weight. I had moments of feeling very out of control. And well, I was just kind of miserable. I tried to watch what I was eating thinking my afternoon sluggishness must be due to poor diet. It didn’t help. I thought the dark circles were being caused by allergies so I started taking a daily antihistamine. That didn’t help.

A few months ago, I hit rock bottom. I saw a great deal on one of these.



And I bought it. Now I didn’t even have to wait for my caffeine fix. It was instant! My 2 cup a day habit upped itself to 3 or more. It was so easy. Just put that little pod in there and hit the button. Instant gratification. Not only was this coffee habit wreaking havoc on my life, it was also wreaking havoc on my grocery budget. Those little pods are pricey little buggers.

Woman with idea

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Last week I had an epiphany. It wasn’t my diet, it wasn’t allergies that was making me feel horrible. It was the coffee! I had to cut back or better yet quit! That seemed so overwhelming and impossible. I was hooked. Coffee was my drug of choice. How could I come off of that high without getting the shakes, a terrible headache, the general misery.


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I started slowly. I changed that morning cup of coffee to an Earl Gray Tea. Still pretty caffeine rich but not as strong as the coffee. I allowed myself the indulgence of making that tea a tea latte with a little half and half and some sugar. I had to compensate for the loss of caffeine somehow! I had 2 cups of tea that first morning. By noon, I felt a headache coming on. Here it comes, I thought. So I made myself a big glass of iced green tea. And sipped it all afternoon.

I did the same thing the next day. Only I took out that second am cup of tea.

By day 3, I only had a  cup of tea first thing in the morning. And nothing else caffeinated all day. Guess what? I felt great. I feel great! I haven’t had my 3pm visit with the couch all week.


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I woke up the other morning and I noticed that dark circles under my eyes were going away. And since I am still watching my diet, I noticed my waist line was a little slimmer. The scale even proved it. Not by much, but enough to make me feel good inside. Energized! Vibrating on a whole new level! Ready to do the laundry, pay the bills, and clean the house with record speed without coffee!


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