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Whatever Happened to Gok Wan's "Miss Naked Beauty"

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
As you know, I'm all for supporting positive beauty image, but you might also know that I most certainly was not the first person to attempt to change the way we view ourselves and each other. Back in 2008, Gok Wan and Myleene Klasse launched a Channel 4 campaign to find their very own "Miss Naked Beauty". She was to be someone who looked great, stripped of everything that the media construes as "beauty" such as make up, and even her clothes. But, they didn't just need to be beautiful "stripped off" they also had to be able to write and be the voice of an apparently big campaign promoting a more positive beauty image to young girls.

In the end, the winner was the beautiful and curvy Shona Collins, who during the competition professed:
"I love my curves and freckles."
Shona fully deserved to win, because she was curvy and had the exact personality that fit the job description. Plus, she came across as a genuinely nice person.

So, roll forward three years, to 2011 and I'd really love to know whatever happened to "Miss Naked Beauty".
I remember that she and Gok Wan went to 10 Downing Street with their campaign, and I remember that she featured in How To Look Good Naked (I think that was the programme!) the following year, but I haven't really seen anything of her since then.

I honestly hope that they didn't give up on the campaign, and I think it's a shame that the series didn't get another go, for young ladies to compete to take over the baton to spear head the beauty campaign, because really it's an issue that always needs looking into, and trying to make change.
And unfortunately, people like Shona appear to be the only people who could possibly do it, because the media, model and beauty industries don't seem to be offering much help to stop making women (and men) feel bad about themselves.
Does anyone know what happened to Shona, and the Miss Naked Beauty campaign? I'd really love to know :)

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