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What Were the Most Googled Fashion Brands in 2017 and Why?

By Attireclub @attireclub

Google's "Year in Search" report is always a very cool way to enter people's minds and see what they were interested in the past few months. In the end, if it's someone who knows your deepest interests and curiosities, it's Google.

As part of the annual report, we can even find out what were the top 10 most searched for fashion brands in 2017. 2017 was a year of the label: the chase for designer labels reappeared and we could see a return of the logomania. If last year there were a lot of celebrities who are otherwise not fashion designers at the top of the searches, this time around big labels made a come-back.

What Were the Most Googled Fashion Brands in 2017  and Why?
Moschino placed at number 10, Valentino on the 9 th position and Dolce and Gabbana was on the 8 th spot in the top of the most searched fashion brands of 2017. The reasons why these brands were so popular are varied and range from Ugg-boot collaborations to causing political controversies. Moreover, Instagram runway castings did not hurt the social media buzz around these labels. The Italian labels understood that if you want to be known, you should appeal to the cool kids and all the cool kids today are taking political stances and swiping up and down on their social media apps.

The French labels discovered the same thing the Italian brands discovered and were all about celebrity power (Chanel hired singer Pharrell to sell their new handbag and "design" some sneakers) and Christian Dior rode the wave of feminism with their "We should all be feminists" t-shirt.

Many people outside of the USA might not have heard about Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is an e-commerce site that sells women's clothes which are derived from Kim Kardashian and her sister's style. The twist is that the clothes are really on the cheap and you can even find items below $10. With the popularity of Kim Kardashian, it's no wonder that such a brand would hit it big and be on the 7 th position in the most googled fashion labels.

The collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton has not only placed Supreme in the spotlight, but has also generated countless articles online, Instagram photos and tweets. This collaboration was extremely popularized by the media and it really worked in the brands' favor.

What Were the Most Googled Fashion Brands in 2017  and Why?
At the very top in the most googled fashion label of 2017 is Italian brand Gucci. The reason why Gucci became the most preeminent brand of 2017 is simple: they worked as a machine connecting to every hot topic of the year. Thus, from classic moves like dressing celebrities and even holograms (à la Jared Leto) to collaborating with underground brands and getting involved in social movements by promoting diversity and banning fur, Gucci was the it-brand of 2017.

The million (or, better said, billion) dollar question now is what these labels will do next and whether they will be able to keep it up in 2018. Will others take their place or will they continue to create waves in culture? Time will tell, but it's most likely that most of these brands will still be at the top next year. Until then, we'll enjoy the clothes.

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