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What to Wear When...going to a Hunted House

By Naturallychicxoxo
   What to wear when.. Hunted House edition
The Hunted House season is here so a lot of you fashionistas are wondering what to wear to a haunted house . Well I've put a few pieces together to inspire you for the fright night .Below I've put two looks together to help you .
Since Its likely to be cold this black jersey front water fall leather jacket for $39.99 just in case it gets a little brisk , This Bite me Halloween T shirt for $7.99 and the bottoms are these Leather look skinny jeans for $34.99 that would look great with a pair of these black leather look combat boots for $29.99. Lastly the accessories which should minimal . So these Pyramid studs for $3.99 will be great and these limited gold texture tube rings for $8.99
What to wear when...going to a Hunted House
The second outfit is geared towards a costume look but not really a costume ...get it ? Lol ! ok So starting from top I found this Asos tank with skeleton hands print for $28.48  and I paired is with some gold bones leggings for $38.00 and the shoes of course I wanted to make the gold stand out with these stone metallic strap wedges or $24.99 and lastly accessories I found this really cool skeleton grasp necklace for $30.00 , Loose grip earrings for $12.00 and this skeleton grasp cuff for $15.00 .
What to wear when...going to a Hunted House
Hope you fashionistas enjoyed this what to wear when .
Have a Happy Halloween !!!!!!
Written by 
Ashley Salinas

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