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What to Pack – Claire – Events & Marketing Intern

By Frontiergap @FrontierGap

What to pack – Claire – Events & Marketing Intern

What’s your best travel experience?

Spending two months in Costa Rica learning Spanish and volunteering has been a hard act to follow! The last month in Zapotal, a small Eco-village three hours outside of San Jose was the highlight; no day was quite the same, so that at the end of a long day spent doing anything from making cheese, building a bridge or converting a pick up truck into a six seater using only two wooden chairs and some duck tape, you could relax with a cold beer and feel you actually accomplished something! Having a rainforest right on your door step, fresh homegrown food on your plate and a bustling community to get to know, this was a slice of life you definitely have to pull yourself away from.

What did you take?

Very little, I went for the ultra practical approach to packing; if it didn’t have multiple uses it wasn’t going in! This was perhaps a little too practical and I did end up buying things over there I probably could have bought from home; but with most things being very reasonable this wasn’t a problem. My most used items were my Thermarest and Canon digital camera, the first of which meant I could sleep anywhere including what can best be described as a wooden mattress in the volunteer house. Sleeping and capturing the best bits of your experience are probably the most important parts to every traveller.

What do you wish you had taken?

A mosquito net. Something every traveller brings apart from me; a bad move when you are sleeping in a tent on a beach and you seem to be the favourite dish of the day for the local critters! Suffice to say after a weekend in Puerto Viejo and two weeks in Zapotal I rather looked like I had caught the plague.

Which Frontier project would you like to visit?

I have always wanted to do South East Asia, mainly because it is an area of the world I know so little about.  Cambodia stands out because it is not a classically hedonistic destination but has a character and culture all of its own; I think this is somewhere I wouldn’t easily get bored with. A teaching project would be a great way to get to know the people, make a positive impact and have some fun!

What would you take there?

A football because on a sunny day it’s the best way to get everyone running around!

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