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What to Buy for the Person Who Wants Nothing

By Bambileigh

There’s always one isn’t there. And it’s not like you can actually get them nothing. I find that it’s usually my Dad that says nothing, so every year he winds up with smellies and socks. Dad if your reading this: you have more smellies on the way.

If you’re like me and feel you have to get that person something even though they’re being awkward about things, why not get them this! (This is not a sponsered post)


They asked for nothing. Give them nothing.
This is totally pointless and at £6.99 it’s an expensive nothing. Although they do have a 3 for £20 offer on the website, so you may find a few other bits and pieces.

“Filled with absolutely nothing (well other than all the atoms and other scientific things that make up thin air, but you get the picture). This ‘empty gesture’ is the only way you can make your point to someone fortunate enough to have every gadget or luxury item known to man. If they really wanted to make use of ‘nothing’, the lucky recipient could use it as a decorative bauble at Christmas – the spherical shape is ideal to hang on a Christmas tree. See you can make something out of nothing after all.”

Find it here.

I found one cheaper! See it here for £4.99.


Would you consider getting this for that awkward person in your life? I think whoever you gave it to would have to have a sense of humour!

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