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What Sunglasses Should You Buy? Look to the Shape of Your Face.

By Thelawsoffashion

Some people look amazing in sunglasses!  If you know how to shop for sunglasses based on the shaw of your face, there is no reason on Earth that you shouldn’t look fabulous in sunnies as well.  As with clothing, knowing how to play up your best features, while at the same time minimizing any flaws, will allow you to look your best.  Every time I see a cute pair of sunglasses on someone, I try to run out and buy the same pair, but they never look as good on me!  That’s because I don’t have the same face shape as the cute girl I saw wearing them.  Sigh.  Don’t let this stop you.  Your first step is to understand that the shape of your face should dictate the style of sunglasses that look good on you.

Why does your gorgeous face have anything to do with what sunglasses you wear?  Well, in order to look your absolute best, you will want to complement your features with the proper pair of shades.

If you have a round face like I do, frames that make your face look thinner and longer are the best option.  You want to balance out the roundness of your face.  Angular, rectangular or cat-eye shaped sunglasses will look best on you.

Sunglasses for a round face shape mn stylist trends fashion
Nicole Richie wears cat-eye shaped sunglasses to balance her round face

Heart shaped faces are wider near the forehead and more angular at the chin.  Therefore, lenses that are rounder especially on the bottom will help balance out the angle created by your chin.  Classic aviators are perfect for your heart-shaped face!  Also, if you tend to stay toward the lighter-hued sunglasses you will not draw further attention to your forehead, which on a heart shaped face tends to be more prominent.

Reese Witherspoon wears aviators to balance her heart shaped face mn stylist fashion trends
Reese Witherspoon wears aviator sunglasses to balance her heart shaped face

Oval shaped faces can wear the most versatile shapes since their face is the most proportional.  Oval shaped faces are considered the most proportional, and therefore, can wear mostly any style of sunglasses and still look chic.  Lucky ducks.  Although most styles look good on oval shaped faces, I always seem to love

Angelina Jolie wears aviators to complement her oval shaped face
Angelina Jolie wears aviators to complement her oval shaped face mn stylist fashion trends

Square faces often come with a strong forehead and jawline.  Narrow and curved style sunglasses will soften the angles of a square face.

Mandy Moore wears angular sunglasses to balance her square face mn stylist fashion trends
Mandy Moore wears angular sunglasses to balance her square face

Don’t make it a habit of buying sunglasses online, unless you have previously tried out the exact shape and style in real life!  Part of finding the right sunglasses for your face, involves a time commitment.  Try on as many pairs as possible, and if you aren’t sure.  Don’t buy them.  Wait for that perfect pair and you will be happy you did.


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