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What on Earth Am I Going to Wear to the Style Blogger Awards?

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

I’m stuck.

I’m so lucky to have been invited to the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards ceremony at the end of May and when my invite arrived, I excitedly RSVP’d and booked my train tickets to get to London to enjoy an evening of glamour hosted by New Look. Then it dawned on me… I actually have to go – and I have no idea of what to wear.

I emailed Company magazine to enquire about the dress code, and here’s what they said; “Dress code is fairly dressy, say what you might wear to a bar for a drink with friends.” This throws some light on the subject, and I’m fairly sure that I can’t go wrong by wearing a dress and heels, or can I? 

But this is a STYLE blogger awards event and I know that all of the fabulous fashion bloggers always look amazing – I read their blogs and swoon over their amazing style daily! But I feel like I’ve kind of snuck in the back door of the Style Blogger Awards because I was nominated as a thrifty blog, and I’m not the most trend-led person at the best of times. So I’m finding it tough to choose something to wear, and really can I uphold my thrifty blog credentials if I go out and buy something new?! hmm.. it’s a real head scratcher.

Some of the other amazing shortlisted bloggers have already tweeted their gorgeous outfits, which is giving me a bit of an insight into their level of dressiness and what I can get away with – I mean, I don’t want to turn up in a prom gown while everyone else is in casual tea-dresses, or vice versa. My little sister is going to her high school prom this week, and I’m helping her get ready for it, but I never imagined that I too would be having that same ‘what-do-I-wear?” dilemma again at my age!

Please, please do get in touch if you have any ideas of what I should do or would like to lend me anything

including a sense of style! 

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