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What Kind of TV Viewer Are You?

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

What Kind of TV Viewer Are You?We came across this interesting article and figured you might enjoy reading it! Here are the reasons why…

  1. they mention ‘shippers’ – which most of us are
  2. they mention Eric and Sookie – who we love
  3. they mention some other things that might seem familiar to you too

Over at the Huffington Post, they list the different types of TV viewers and why they choose to watch their favorite shows.

What Kind of TV Viewer Are You?

We all stood up and cheered during this kiss!

Does this ring a bell?

First, we have the “shipper” — that is, someone who is desperate for a certain couple to get together, remain together, etc. These people are in it for the long haul. They love their specific couple and want anyone who gets in the way to disappear. Some common couples that people are obsessed with include: Bones and Booth (Bones); Andy and Sam (Rookie Blue); Castle and Beckett (Castle); Eric and Sookie (True Blood). The list goes on, but we’re all guilty of it.

Some take it a bit further than others, tweeting show runners when they mess with their favorite couple. Some even go as far as to boycott the show until they get the relationship back on track.

DING, DING, DING! We’re shippers and proud of it!

This sounds VERY familiar to us. We watch True Blood mainly for Eric and Sookie. We hate it when they’re apart. We don’t like to see either one of them with other romantic interests…blah, blah, the list goes on… We don’t really need to explain it. You know what we mean…

I know there’s many boycotting True Blood next season because of how season 4 ended. Plus, I know how many of us would love to see Bill and Alcide disappear. Letters and emails were written to the producers of True Blood by fans after last season too.

One last thing…can we say how much we love it that they mention Eric and Sookie – along with those other couples and not the usual B/S? Hehehe…suck on THAT one, BL’s!! LOL Looks like the Huffington Post prefers Eric and Sookie, over B/S too! Haha.

Here’s some other types of viewers:

Another type of viewer is the “Hater” — the person who watches a show and does nothing but complain about it. I bet if you take a minute, you can think of someone on your Twitter or Facebook that constantly tears a specific show apart while watching.

Yes, I am a digital journalist. I criticize television — it’s what I do. These people watch a show religiously just to complain about how bad it is. If this show is SO astronomically terrible that you feel the need to tear it apart weekly, then stop giving the show ratings. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

On the flip side of the “Hater” is the “Diehard” — this is a person who watches a show religiously and cannot admit when the show isn’t good anymore. They will defend the show with their last breath, simply because they love it.

While some of us hate the show, it’s mostly to do with WHAT HAPPENED on the show, that has led us to this conclusion. If we’re not finding True Blood entertaining, the storylines compelling…then we’re entitled to voice our opinion about it.

What Kind of TV Viewer Are You?

Case in point: Exhibit A - Sookie tells Eric, she still loves Bill. WTF??

But they do make a great point – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. The drop in ratings will most definitely wake them up like nothing else will.

We have some “diehards” too…those that will keep watching it – no matter what happens. They will never complain, will make up excuses, will try to come up with logical explanations for when things don’t make sense, etc.. That’s fine and more power to you! It’s your opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, aren’t they? In fact, I admire your strength and resolve!

This is how they summed up this article.

At the end of the day, we all watch TV for different reasons and in different ways. I am a smorgasbord of a couple of viewer types, but whatever type you are — own it! Just remember that how we watch television shapes how the networks plan their schedules and contributes to the fate of the shows.

We should all remember this. The networks and shows do their studies to try to get viewers to watch ‘their’ show and not their competitors’. It’s a war out there…

Which viewer type are you? Feel free to share that and your thoughts about this below!


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