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What It Takes To Feel Confident In Your Own Skin

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Feeling confident in your own skin can often be something that takes a lifetime to achieve. We all want to feel confident while we’re young and in our prime, but there are so many things that make us feel bad – like magazines only showing super slim, photoshopped women, and the media telling us we’re too much/not enough constantly. Yes, being confident in your own skin in 2019 is hard. However, it’s not impossible. Below, we’ll talk about what it takes to feel confident in your own skin so you can finally hold your head high and have a healthy self image. Take a look!

Become Aware of All Of The BS

Start becoming aware of all the BS out there. Ever noticed how magazines will give you great cake recipes on one page and then show you pictures of celebrities on the beach on another page, commenting on their shape and size? Magazines are designed to make us feel like we’re not enough so we buy stuff. They are full of contradictions. Many of us pick up insecurities from here that we wouldn’t have had otherwise!

Ever looked at a picture on Instagram and felt that jealous twang in your stomach? There’s a good chance that this picture was tweaked and photoshopped in some way. Not every beautiful person photoshops their pictures, but many celebrities do. It may be only slight sometimes, but it’s still not what they look like. Even regular people use Facetune and filters to change how they look. Things are not all they seem online, on TV, and on social media. Don’t pay too much attention to it.

Make ‘I Am Enough’ Your Mantra

The whole idea of being confident in your skin isn’t thinking you’re better than anybody else. It’s feeling like you’re enough. When you feel enough as you are, you won’t worry about what anybody else is doing, or what anybody else looks like. You won’t want to change this or that about yourself. You’ll feel totally content. It can be a tough place to get to, but it’s possible! Stop comparing yourself, and when you start thinking that you need something else to be whole, whether that’s nail extensions, a new outfit, or even a new hair color, remind yourself that you’re enough just as you are. It doesn’t mean you can’t have those things you want, it just means you’ll get them from a more confident, informed place rather than a place of not liking what you see.

What It Takes To Feel Confident In Your Own Skin


Practice Self Care Regularly

Self care is crucial to feeling confident. Show yourself some love! Take baths. Do things you enjoy. Eat your vegetables and fill up on food that you love. Look after your skin. If you have skin issues, such as psoriasis, see if you can get prednisone treatment prescribed to you. Skin issues don’t make you less worthy, but if they affect your self esteem then see a professional.

Don’t Let That Negative Voice In Your Head Take Over

We all have a negative voice in our head, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not your own. You don’t have to listen to it! Like a radio station, just don’t tune in. Think of something else. If you wouldn’t stare at your friend or call them fat/ugly, don’t do it to yourself. You’ll feel much better very soon!

What do you do to feel confident in your own skin? Comment below!

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