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What Is Your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo – Rediscovering You

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

What is Your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo – Book Review

What is your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo is a totally new concept

What is your true Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo will change your personality

What Is your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo is completely a new concept in astrological science. It will change your hard carved perceptions & personality. So far we knew about twelve zodiac signs based on 12 planets. The book is an example of extensive research of over 25 years by the author Greenstone on the subject and then come out with this beautiful peace of knowledge. The book changes the whole concept of zodiac, astrology, and horoscope making. It presents a more precise and insightful take on the subject and would be a boon for all people interested in this arena. The book is based on a methodological and rational approach to carve exact exaltation points in a horoscope. It also takes into consideration re-discovery of four more planets, asteroids, and comets that have distinctive impact on the life of a person. There are deep insights on planets like Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune that were hidden and unknown so far.
What Is Your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo – Rediscovering You
What Is your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo is a scientific approach to rediscover who you are from 186 types of zodiac combinations rather than a plain approach that we have seen so far in books on same subject by Linda Goodman and many more authors worldwide. I liked the way it has been presented to reestablish trust and faith in 5000-year-old science in a meaningful manner. Astrology as we all know is widely based on astronomy. Astronomy is nothing but a part of physical science about celestial objects, cosmos, and other planetary positions in a nation's of person's chart. It evolves as you grow beginning with the astronomical positions of all the planets and other cosmic bodies (and stars) in the galaxy at the time of birth. There are many surprising facts like most of the British Empire in particular and Europe in general has its kings, queens, princes and princesses born either on a new moon day or a full moon day.
Well, in my case, I read Linda Goodman's Sun Signs ample number of time during my college days and was quite impressed with it. The whole concept of my zodiac has changed. For all these years I treated myself as a Pisces but as per What Is your True Zodiac Sign by Greenstone Lobo my zodiac or sun sign is Aquarius. There is a complete paradigm shift as my new ruling planet is Uranus, and not Neptune that I learned and believed for all these years before I put my hands on this book. Then I got to know that not only my sun sign is different but there is something more to explore to understand my zodiac combination and Astronality (Astronomical Personality) type by visiting here. You just need to fill your birth details to find it out.
I would rate this book as 5 on a scale of 5 and recommend it to all whether you believe in this science or not to have a great insight and probably realign your personality traits in a meaningful way.

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