What is the Best Way to Install New Aluminum Vinyl Windows in a House?

Posted on the 15 July 2020 by Ambia Windows Doors @ambiawindows

If your old windows have worn out or damaged due to time and other conditions, you might be thinking of changing them. Aluminum clad vinyl windows are a much safer and more reliable option for replacing your old windows.

To install them, you can hire a professional who fits aluminum vinyl windows in Oakville or do-it-yourself. If you are hiring someone, you don’t have to go into the nitty-gritty of installing vinyl windows in your home.

However, when you change the windows yourself, you need to take care of both the internal and external siding. You need to ensure that you don’t damage the walls and the new aluminum window.

How to install aluminum vinyl windows

Replacing your windows gives a fresh look to your home. Installing vinyl windows improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your house as they provide a superior shine and sophistication to the place where they are installed.

Aluminum clad vinyl windows can be challenging to install if you have no experience. Here are the steps you can follow to seamlessly replace the old windows –

1. Measurement and purchase

The first step is to measure the window frame properly. The original installation involves attaching the window to the flange and then covered with the siding.

You need to measure the interior of the frame and account for the extra space near the sill. You can then purchase windows with insulated glass, which are available in your old dimensions.

2. Removing the old window

The next step is to carefully remove the old window. Loosen the aluminum siding and expose the window frame so that you can take it out.

Generally, professionals who change aluminum vinyl windows in Oakville have tools to take out the frame from the wall joint without much damage.

3. Install the new frame

Once you remove the window, clean the sill and space. After that, install the window frame into the wall and attach it to the flange. While installing vinyl windows in your home, you can either screw the frame to the fall or mount it using nails.

The manufacturers generally provide guidelines on how to install the windows. Fill the gaps in the frame and caulk with an adhesive or spray foam.

4. Protect with flashing

One of the primary steps in installing aluminum clad vinyl windows is that you need to protect the sidings with flashing. It involves an aluminum or rubber strip which ensures that no water enters in from the frame. After flashing, you can coat it with waterproofing to avoid any leakages as well.

5. Install the siding

The final step is to install the siding after the waterproofing is done. You can use the old siding if it’s in good condition or use new ones. You’ll have to cut the siding pieces so that it properly fits into the window frame.

It will take time and effort to install the window if you are hiring a contractor for installing aluminum vinyl windows in Oakville. However, once you are done, the aesthetic appeal will make it all worth the efforts.

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