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What is Little Indiana? Travel Video in Wabash, Indiana

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

What is little Indiana? If you’ve ever wondered where the idea for little Indiana came from, what our trips look like, and want to take a peek at Wabash, Indiana–this video answers all.

I’m excited to announce the release of the travel vignette produced by Jesse Harper of JBH Productions! And, yes, that is my very own front porch.

Travel Video in Wabash, Indiana

This is only a taste of what’s to come! Remember the little Indiana travel series pilot pitch has been filmed and is currently in the editing room. So, think of this as a warm-up, an introduction of what’s ahead.

We’ll need your help to make that dream a reality!

Can you imagine if we could little Indiana it up in your town on camera? If I could do more than show you a photo of the great places I’ve been but to present you with video?

If I could take you through scenic downtown Madison, or Nappanee, or Vevay all on film? If I could get some of our best festivals, like Charley Creeks Arts Fest, Earl Park, the Potato Creek and Strawberry Festival, or Delphi’s Transportation Festival (and about a hundred others) in the face of a different kind of audience.

Pretty neat, don’t you think?

This Hoosier Needs Help

little Indiana Video

little Indiana Video

We will have to show those TV folks that people DO care about little Indiana–that there are enough shows about Paris and London and that it’s time for something different. Small towns are destinations, not drive-throughs. Let’s show ‘em the truth about small towns!

How can you help? For starters–watch the video on YouTube. Like it, comment on it, and share it with your friends!

The more views we can get on THAT, the better will be our chances later when the pitch is done and we start sending it around. We’ll have concrete evidence that folks WANT to watch video about Indiana towns (but we already know that, right?).

Stay tuned to little Indiana. Sign up for the newsletter and “like” the little Indiana Facebook Page to wait for your chance to help get little Indiana on TV. Small towns are anything but dull and boring–wouldn’t it be great to SHOW everyone the truth about them?

Watch little Indiana Travel Video on YouTube or above.

Find Wabash, Indiana images and other pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream or on the new little Indiana Tumblr blog.

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