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What Is a Pygmy Jerboa and Why Does It Look... Not Right? Animal Video of the Day!!!

By Petslady @petslady

Okay... Is it me, or does this little creature look unfinished?  Like... I dunno... It's missing a body.  Or a mouth.  Or is that thing that it's cleaning with those tiny claws look like a giant mouth that opens into its stomach?  Seriously.  What am I looking at here in this video uploaded by tamasanndesu on January 20, 2009?

 This is a pygmy jerboa, a small desert dwelling rodent native to parts of Asia and Africa.  And while he's cute (in an ugly kind of way (sort of like me)), I swear that little pet looks like he's only half-way finished....

Anyone have any jerboas and want to share some stories?  Let us know!

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