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What If the Rules of the NEED TO KNOW Game Invent Enemies?

Posted on the 27 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

What if the rules of the NEED TO KNOW game invent enemies?

BSoD or Blue Screen of Death

"Is there a 'mischievous ghost creator' in the Intelligence Machine ruleset?"
On a security level, COMPARTMENTALISATION seems like a really good idea. This way T.H.E.Y. or The Hierarchy Controlling You can not only control who knows what about the game but they can also limit the damage done by the opeartives in the game.
But it's a Garbage In, Garbage Out gameworld ... and what if there really is no T.H.E.Y.?
What, are you insane, Mike?
Everybody knows there are Fat Controllers, hefty businessmen and investors and money lenders who tell the world's leaders what to do and when to do it. They're the Cabal, the Elite, the Royals, call them what you will. The RISK Strategists. The CHESS Masters. The GAME Players. They're playing you for Total Global Domination of the planet and the odds are stacked in their favour. Or are they?
The classic Blue Screen of Death happens in a (computer) system when THE PROGRAMMING tries to deal with an error. In coding terms, until the error is fixed, it's likely to keep BSoDing on you when you least expect it. This is why the majority of a coder's time is taken up fixing his own code. We call these BSoD events 'non-shippable bugs', and no decent commercial product should ship with too many of them.
We all know that striving for Corporate Profit ensures that Secrecy in Private/Government affairs is paramount, hence COMPARTMENTALISATION.
We all realize NEED TO KNOW is an essential part of the Intelligence Game, "What's your clearance, sonny?" and all that.
But what if THE INTELLIGENCE GAME (and it is just a game) is crucially flawed, generating BSoDs all over the place, which are then analysed as terrorist threats, or financial concerns, or political trends? What if the GAME these dedicated workers in the three-letter agencies, these proud mothers and fathers, these loyal sons and daughters, these protective patriots, is full of non-shippable bugs? And I'm not talking about foreign-agency infiltration or double agents, none of that James Bond nonsense.
What if the rules of the NEED TO KNOW game invent enemies?

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