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What Food Did the Egyptians Eat?

By Egyking
What food did the Egyptians eat?
The main food at every meal was bread, as in fact it was throughout Egypt, the Near East and Europe until the potato was introduced after the discovery of the Americas in the 15th century CE. 
The Ancient Egyptians, both rich and poor, ate so much bread that the people who lived in the lands around Egypt called them “bread eaters”. They also ate meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs & honey.

What Did the Egyptians drink?

Ancient Egyptians had drinks as an important part of their meals and for this reason the rich drank wine and the poor drank beer. Wine and beer were the main types of drinks but they also drank fruit juices and milk.
 Interestingly enough, Ancient Egyptians did not mostly drink water as it was considered unclean since it was from the Nile, which was said to be bacteria infested from waste.
Culture consisted of models of housing, food, architecture, etc. The Egyptians had a staple diet of bread, beer with vegetables such as onions, garlic, fruits such as dates and figs.
Meat and wine were consumed by everyone in general on some occasions, while the rich, he had very often. The social status of an individual was a decisive factor in the food he can consume.
 Ancient Egypt Food
Ancient Egyptian Food Facts
Ancient Egyptian Food Facts
 Ancient Egypt Food
 Ancient Egypt Food
Ancient Egyptian Food and Drink

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