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WHAT FASHION DESIGNERS WEAR: Sonia Rykiel At First Glance Out...

By Lauramoodley
Video WHAT FASHION DESIGNERS WEAR: Sonia Rykiel  At first glance out Queen of Knits is the stereotypical fashion designer (in terms of her personal style), sticking to the uniform black, preferred by many artists as a way to say “Pay attention to my work, not to me”.  However after a closer look at the now aging designer, reveals a certain taste for texture and clolour. Fur, feathers and ofcourse knits make appearances in Rykiels wardrobe both day and night. She wears well fitting coats and cardigans, which offer her both style and comfort. Scarves are almost always her accessory du jour,with ruffles and other textures making an appearance here too.  Colour comes in the form of stripes or subtle patters and of course that bright red head of hair cut in her iconic way. Although color does not seem to feature greatly in Rykiels wardrobe, her knitwear designs suggest that she does have a sense of fun and warmth. Her use of her own image to transform models in her shows also highlights the knitwear Queens sense of humor and ability to inject a sense of herself into her work. Perhaps the all black, day to day attire is hiding a certain shyness and her inner self is projected in the characters that she creates on the catwalk. This supposed shyness is common among those in the arts and will ring true to many fashionistas and people in the industry. Overall We can say that Sonia Rykiel has a personal style which is classic with a glamorous twist, allowing her to age with grace and dignity while her creations do all the talking. Like her designs; Soini Rykiels personal taste will never go out of style. xoxo LLM

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