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What Do Belly Fat, Impotence, Hypothyroidism, and Cancer All Have in Common?

Posted on the 13 May 2011 by Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove
What do belly fat, impotence, hypothyroidism, and cancer all have in common?

If this man has to wear a mask and gloves to protect himself from pesticides, why is he spraying them on our food?

They Can Be Caused By Xenoestrogens!

Xenoestrogens are widely used industrial compounds such as PCB, BPA, ans Phthalates (often found in plastics, carpeting, paint, pesticides, and other “everyday” chemicals) that have estrogenic effects on humans and animals even though they differ chemically from the naturally occurring estrogenic substances internally produced by your endocrine system. Their potential ecological and human health impact is currently under extensive study by many scientific institutions and independent researchers.

The word xenoestrogen is derived from the Greek words ξένο (xeno, meaning foreign), οἶστρος (estrus, meaning sexual desire) and γόνο (gene, meaning “to generate”) and literally means “foreign estrogen”. Xenoestrogens are also called “environmental hormones” or “EDC” (Endocrine Disrupting Compounds). Most scientists that study xenoestrogens, including The Endocrine Society, regard them as serious environmental hazards that have hormone disrupting effects on both wildlife and humans.

As a heterogeneous group of chemicals that are hormonally active agents, xenoestrogens are similar to other estrogens, such as phytoestrogens (estrogenic substances from plants) and mycoestrogens (estrogenic substances from fungi, which can be considered as one type of mycotoxin). Xenoestrogens include pharmacological estrogens (estrogenic action is an intended effect, as in the drug ethinyl estradiol used in contraceptive pill), but other chemicals may also have estrogenic effects. Xenoestrogens have been introduced into the environment by industrial, agricultural and chemical companies and consumers only in the last 70 years or so, but archiestrogens have been a ubiquitous part of the environment even before the existence of the human race given that some plants (like the cereals and the legumes) are using estrogenic substances possibly as part of their natural defence against herbivore animals by controlling their male fertility.

Xenoestrogens have been implicated in a variety of medical problems and during the last 10 years many scientific studies gave much hard evidence of adverse effects in the human health as well as the wildlife.

Estrogen mimicking chemicals are known for their fattening and sickening effects on the body. When in excess, estrogen substances bind to receptors in estrogen sensitive tissues causing enlargement of tissues, fat gain, metabolic disorders and disease.

BioResponse DIM is designed to help both men and women balance estrogen in the body for achieving and maintaining a lean, healthy physique. The formula contains a blend of estrogen balancing herbs, essential micronutrients, antioxidants and immune-supporting compounds that help defend against the influence of estrogen pollutants and metabolites in the body.

Estrogen gets into our food and other things we use that causes us to be exposed to excess estrogen. It’s not possible in our heavily polluted world to avoid all estrogen and chemicals, so we need to take all possible protections.

BioResponse DIM contains a cruciferous indole extract, with a proven capacity to help shift estrogen metabolism to produce the beneficial health promoting metabolites 2 hydroxy estrogens instead of the harmful, pro-inflammatory cancer-promoting metabolites 16 hydroxy estrogens – yielding an improved ratio between the beneficial estrogen metabolites and their harmful equivalents. A high ratio of 2 hydroxy estrogens/16 hydroxy estrogens is a desired marker of health, and has been associated with a lower risk for estrogen disorders in women and prostate enlargement in men as well as decreased probability for cancer in both genders.

Unlike other estrogen balancing supplements, formulated with soy isoflavones or other isolated isoflavones ingredients which are often inherently estrogenic, BioResponse DIM’s special blend of I-C-3 has no inherent estrogenic activity.

We’ve been using BioResponse DIM here at the Holistic Chinese Herbs headquarters, and the results have been dramatic as far as increased muscle tone, fat burning, and energy is concerned! We highly recommend adding it to your daily health routine.


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