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What Did Ancient Egyptians Eat

By Egyking

Egypt is also known for its historical monuments such as the Giza pyramid complex and even the Egyptian civilization holds a lot of importance. Egypt is a country with a political and cultural significance for the Middle East. Egypt gets its English name from various sources such as Egypt word French, Latin and Greek Aegyptus Aigyptos old.
What the ancient Egyptians ate varies according to their social and financial status. If you're rich, you are available to better food. Egyptian recipes were influenced by factors such as foreign invasion, foreign trade. Main influence of Egyptian cuisine came from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece.
It is interesting to study the eating habits of the ancient Egyptians, among other aspects of their lives. It is surprising that, medammes Ful, the bean dish, which is now the national dish of Egypt was eaten in the pharaonic periods. Medammes ful, a dish of fava beans is often a breakfast food is the national dish of Egypt was eaten in pharaonic periods.
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
what did Ancient Egyptians eat
The basic meal in ancient Egypt was beer, bread and onions, the peasants ate every day, probably as a morning meal before leaving for work in the fields or works commissioned by the pharaohs.  Another simple meal is eaten in the cool of the evening, probably boiled vegetables, bread and beer, possibly wild birds.
Ancient Egyptian Kitchen utensils and equipment included items such as storage jars,bowls, pots, pans, ladles, sieves, and whisks.  Most people used clay dishes, while the wealthy used dishes made of bronze, silver, and gold. Sesame seeds, honey, fruit, butter, and herbs were commonly added to the dough to add flavor.
 Ancient Egyptians cuisine resemblance to the cuisine of modern Egypt. Bread was a major part of this ancient Egyptian cuisine. This bread was  prepared from emmer wheat. At times, barley was also used. An interesting fact remains to be that bread was available in 30 different shapes. From the round bread called as pita, there was also bread that was baked in the shapes of animals or birds. At times, this bread also included some healthy fillings.
Egypt also had a lucrative trade in dried and salted fish. Because of the heat, meat and fish had to be eaten immediately or preserved by salting and brining, drying, smoking or by the addition of honey, beer and fish roe.  Several types of meat were eaten, including Beef cattle was commonly consumed by the rich, with sheep or goat, while the poor often ate geese, ducks and other poultry.
 Animals such as cattle, goats, sheep and pigs were the main source of obtaining meat. Herodotus confirms that "Quails, ducks and smaller birds are salted and eaten uncooked; all other kinds of birds, as well as fish, excepting those that are sacred to the Egyptians, are eaten roasted or boiled".
The vegetables were also common ancient Egyptian food and a number of recipes featuring the use of peas and beans. There were also a number of different oils and fats used in food preparation. All ate with their fingers. Vegetables were often served with vinaigrette and vinegar. Fish and poultry are consumed by people. Fish and meat were stored by methods such as salting.
Vegetables are the main ingredient in most dishes in Egyptian additions to the meat Whether beef or chicken. This included celery, lettuce, cucumber, scallions etc. Garlic was also used predominantly . Ancient Egyptian food also included pulses, chickpeas, cabbages, turnips, lentils and beans.
Sugar was something that was not really known to the ancient Egyptians. Honey was used as a sweetener where as the poor used dates as a way to sweeten food. Ancient Egyptians also had a rich dessert. One Egyptian desserts is milk toffee . Another is Almond Milk Custard Tart. Chestnut whipped cream recipe is difficult to achieve, but it's worth a try.
The fruits are eaten as a dessert after a meal with many other sweet dishes that Egyptians excel at making. Fruits Egyptians ate were dates, grapes, pomegranates, peaches, watermelon etc. although the nature of the fruit varies with the dominant season and agriculture.
 Yet the craftsmen at Deir el Medina had their own dedicated team of fishermen who supplied them with an amount of fish determined by their rank, and few species of fish were considered sacred.
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