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What Dads Do to Satisfy Their Love of #Golf and Family

By Golfforbeginners
What Dads Do to Satisfy Their Love of #Golf and Family
You have probably chuckled as Ray Romano (aka Ray Barone) was caught leaving wife and kids sadly behind as he grabbed his clubs for a round of golf. 
Or, perhaps you heard stories about golf orphaned kids crying out "daddy, please don't go" as father puts his phone on vibrate so he won't be bothered for the next five hours (or talks about the weak signal at the golf course...ahem). These stories are becoming more commonplace as leisure time shrinks.
Even Phil Mickelson caved in wearing a pager at the 1999 U.S. Open while awaiting news of the birth of his child. Okay, so Lefty wanted to be reached that day but the consensus shows that, when they're on the course, don't bother the dads!
What Dads Do to Satisfy Their Love of #Golf and FamilyWith Father's Day being just around the corner, Golf for Beginners wanted to pay a loving homage to dear old dad (for those lucky enough to still have your pop) especially with U.S. Open Sunday falling squarely on the Big Day. 

We also wanted to prove that, even though there are many jokes made about dads and golf, the reality is that fathers love both golf and family and that the choices made are more difficult than you might think! Fathers who work a 9-5 job rarely have the time to get out and play a round of golf except possibly on weekends which could be the reason why they feel the need to tip-toe out - family time is lost with wife and kids who already get limited moments to spend with dad.

Some dads are lucky enough to have a boy or girl whom he has introduced to the sport. 

Does this ring true with your family?

Scenario: Dad sees a possible sports lover in his son and takes Junior under his wing to teach him the game with the idea that quality time would be gained during twilight golf or on Sundays. Dad is proud as a peacock watching son out-drive him thinking he might be watching the next Bubba Watson - final score, dad, son, love.

This PGA Tour video confirms that dads who introduce their kids to golf gain lasting memories for both. From Keegan Bradley to Graeme McDowell, Tour players remember exactly when, where and how their dads acquainted them to the sport which has become both a sentimental journey and their livelihood. 

McDowell related that all his dad wanted was the U.S. Open trophy. Graeme responded, “I’m not sure I can do that for you dad but I’ll give it a shot.” McDowell went on to win the 110th U.S. Open. Just listening to these golfers boast about memories with their dads and how and where they were introduced to the game and I believe that this tear-jerker will get you sentimental too ...heck, you're probably picking up the phone right now to say hi to your dad.

Inside the PGA Tour: Father's Day:
Unfortunately, golf also comes at a high sentimental cost most of the time to the family as wife and kids lose dad to a Saturday afternoon practice session at the range and then most likely a Sunday round with his regular foursome.
Wouldn't it be nice if dads could combine their love of the game and also be accessible to the family? Although he can’t play a par-72 at home, dads can integrate practice at home and have their cake and eat it too.

Short Game Expert Golf Instructor Dave Pelz is a proponent of such a philosophy. Pelz has mentioned that “Learning the game in a comfortable, convenient setting – like your backyard – can be an incredible gift, your gift, to your kids.”

Not only does backyard golf bring brings the family together to have fun and learn together, it brings dad closer to home to practice so, when he's ready to get out there and play with his mates, his short game is accurate which makes him a hero.

So Dad can be a hero both on and off the course!

What Dads Do to Satisfy Their Love of #Golf and Family

Dave Pelz practicing his short game at home on SYNLawn

“There is no better way to learn golf, than by playing games in your own backyard. Every time we see kids playing golf games in their backyard, we see golfers improving their games on the course.”

Dave Pelz, who through extensive research and testing has developed state-of-the-art SYNLawn Products which rival real turf. SYNLawn Golf and Dave Pelz are essentially helping to bring dads back to their own backyards!

Want to have it all…family close by, putting green in your own backyard? From practice putting mats to custom fairway, fringe and bunkers, dad will never want to leave home. There is a double-edge to this coin… Dad’s playing partners will probably come over to your house more often!

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