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What Can You Do to Help a Person Who is Suffering from a Mental Illness?

By Gran13

What can you do to help a person who is suffering from a mental illness?The myth says::You can’t do anything for a person suffering from a mental illness. But there are lots of things we can do. We can …

  • Refrain from using works like loony, wacko or crazy. We can try not to define them by their diagnosis. We can refrain from using the word schizophrenic. ‘He/she has schizophrenia,’ sounds so much better. It’s known as ‘person first language,’ which helps to reduce the stigma associated with these labels
  • We can all learn facts about mental health and share them with others, especially if we hear something that is untrue.
  • I would like us all to treat people suffering from a mental illness with respect and dignity, the way I would like to be treated.
  • I would like to see an end to discrimination against people suffering from a mental illness especially in the workplace. People with physical disabilites and individuals suffering from a mental illness are protected under federal and state laws.
  • Please help restore dignity to these people and allow them to walk with their heads held high and live with us in our communities. I need help here as I cannot do this alone. I promised Dano one has the right to make you feel worthlessvid that I would fight for his rights and those of all people suffering from a mental illness.  H E L P !

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