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What Are the Benefits of Offering More Art in Public Schools?

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

With parents worried about their children getting into college at the same time economic pressures increase on public school budgets, the arts are often the first thing to be dropped from the curriculum. Everyone can see the benefits of math, reading, history and science, but they often think the arts are a frivolous "extra." 

A recent article, 10 Salient Studies on the Arts in Education, proves that such thinking is misguided if not outright wrong.  In one study it was shown that classes in the visual arts "helps students improve visual analysis skills, learn from mistakes, be creative and make better critical judgments." 

Other benefits of having vital arts offerings in public schools may be fewer disciplinary problems, higher graduation rates, and even more satisfied teachers.  But even without any of these benefits, how can we consider an education well-rounded without including art? Art for art's sake is enough.

Of course I'm biased since I am an artist, but who else is going to speak out about this?

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