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What Are Some of the Best Names You’ve Seen for Wifi?

Posted on the 18 July 2018 by Harper Wales

In this digital age, wi-fi is more of a necessity than want. Our lives depend on it and its hard to even imagine living in a world where we aren’t connected 24/7. Everything from food to beauty to sci-fi news to games to shopping, wi-fi makes everything accessible in the palm of our hands. Millennials like to customize everything and naming the wi-fi is no exception. It comes as no surprise when people keep funny and interesting names to christen their wi-fi.

Personalizing your SSID and naming the wi-fi with an eye-catching name is just one way of grabbing attention and making your device name stand out. Some people leave the default names of their routers like Linksys, etc. while other prefer assigning a witty and funny name to their Wi-Fi. Let’s have a look at some of the best wi-fi names we have come across, ranging from funny ones to the casually passive-aggressive ones.

Best and secure wi-fi Names

  • Mom, click here for wi-fi

Well, pretty smart of children to help their less tech-savvy mums by keeping the instruction as their Wi-Fi name.

  • Access Denied

Ouch! Rather straight-forward but a witty name.

  • Hogwarts

Best thought of name by a Harry Potter fan!

  • Don’t even try

Set by the mastermind, for people who prefer boundaries!

  • *You’re, Noobs!

Grammar Nazi’s on the go! Funny yet educative Wi-Fi name!

  • Spend a little on your own damn Wi-Fi

Reminder all internet thieves!

  • This LAN is my LAN

Ownership, people!

  • Not available

Nope, Wi-Fi not available!

  • Virus-infected Wi-Fi

Warning sign! This Wi-Fi is virus infected.

  • Error 404: Wi-Fi not found

Smart choice!

  • No free Wi-Fi

Well, there’s no free food, right?

  • Lord of the Pings

The Witty choice by a movie freak!

  • What do you want?

Wi-fi is never fun to be shared!

  • Loading

Put the searcher in confusion

  • Get off my LAN

Aggressive much? For wi-fi, we all are!

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