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What All Styles and Patterns You Can Have to Make You Look Different - Megha Shop

By Meghashop @kumarisapna11
The combination of saree and blouse has always been part of our Indian tradition and yet is going through profound changes to meet the demands of trending lifestyle. It has not lost its value even after going through tremendous changes. The designers come up with different alterations bringing a new style for common women. It is usually considered that sarees are the most vibrant outfit, which completely transforms a girl into a woman and adds a new look to their personality. What all Styles and Patterns you can have to make you Look Different - Megha ShopWhat changes have designers brought into sarees?The celebrities who are often found wearing these sarees have become a role model for household women and thus, disseminating the new trend in market to the every part of the world.  Designers these days are seen experimenting with unique styles and thus adding creative and innovative ideas to old sarees. Even sarees with different blouses are in trend these days. Sarees are worn usually all around the world these days.How fashion has changed the trend?Sarees enriches the beauty and physique of women. The variations in sarees have brought different styles through which they can be worn like, low waist sarees.  They can be worn with designer backless blouses and thus give you a ravishing look.Both men and women these days prefer wearing low waist clothing be it denims, skirts, trousers or even sarees. The trend of low waist has brought a sensuous look to women and the designer blouses add on to the complete overall look.What more you can add to make your saree look fascinating?Apart from thee blouse or low waist saree, the pallu is also considered to be the essence of a saree. They are usually made of various designs, patterns or work. People usually believe that overweight people should not carry heavy pallu, but it doesn’t depend upon your weight but the way you carry it along.Some of the mostly worn pallu designsIt is not your weight, but the styles you choose that make your look and feel complete. So to have different styles for different occasions you should make your choice from these varieties -
  • ·   Cut work palla - It consists of a net structure with floral and geometric designs.
  • ·   Printed palla - They are much in trend these days. Usually worn with light sarees.
  • ·   Embroidered palla- They are extremely beautiful and are made either by hand or machine. Thus, making your saree look heavy and rich in look.
  • ·   Plain palla - They are usually plain in color alike the colors of your saree making it look different and beautiful.

Apart from these designs there are various patterns, which make you look stunning and give you a distinctive style. You can wear your saree in various ways-
  • ·   Bengali Pallu style
  • ·   Marathi Pallu style
  • ·   Butterfly Pallu style
  • ·   Double Drape
  • ·   Lehenga Style Saree
  • ·   Open Pallu style

What you need to decide is to choose the best style that suits you and that makes you flaunt your beauty comfortably.

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