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West Virginia : #WVU is in the Sweet 16! But Can They Upset Zaga?

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
West Virginia : #WVU is in the Sweet 16! But can they upset Zaga?
I'm hearing a lot of yeses. I'm hearing them on the television, in the office, and in the hallways. Yes, #WVU can beat Gonzaga. And many people think that they probably will.
The Mountaineers match up very well with the Bulldogs. Gonzaga has never seen a press like WVU's. They also have never seen a frenetic pace like the one WVU sets. It just doesn't happen in the WCC. But WVU comes from the Big 12, One of the strngest basketball conferences this year. The competition was brutal. And rebounding? WVU is 5th in the NCAA.
But the Bulldogs aren't a #1 seed for no reason. They are a good, strong, well coached team. That being said, while I was watching their game against Northwestern, I have to admit, I wasn't impressed. After an 18 point lead, they let Northwestern come back and almost overtake them. Whereas WVU lead Notre Dame through their entire game to get into the Sweet 16.
3 Keys to the game for WVU:
1. Nathan Adrian has to show up. Carter and Ahmad carried the Mountaineer sin the Notre Dame game. Adrian was no where to be found. He's one of the Mountaineers best players. He need to be a presence tonight. '
2. Free Throws. Gonzaga is weak in this area. WVU needs to hope they stay that way If they start hitting them, WVU could get into trouble.
3. Consistency. The same WVU team that beat Notre Dame needs to show up tonight. If you read my last blog, you know that my main complaint about the Mountaineers is their lack of consistency. They beat the likes of #2 Kansas, #1 Baylor, and at #6 Virginia. Then they lose to unranked teams.

Can they win this game? Yes! Will they? If they show up, yes.
On a side note, it gives me great pleasure to see that the mighty ACC has only one team left in the tournament after putting 7 into it. Whereas the Big 12, Big 10, and Pac 12 all have 3. West Virginia : #WVU is in the Sweet 16! But can they upset Zaga?

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