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Were Whites Or Caucasians in the Americas Before the Amerindians?

Posted on the 16 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Alois writes:

People are also very curious to find out who was here first, based on the DNA of the most ancient bones, and what is seen is that the Mongolian mixed Asian/African/Europeans came over the land bridge from Siberia and were here with the Whites, who they called their gods. The Whites mainly if not all left, but when their children came back many generations later as explorers, they were all hailed as gods by the “natives” there. Magellan and Columbus both!

This is absolutely not true. There is absolutely zero evidence, genetic or skeletal, that Whites or Caucasoids were present in any large numbers in the Americas before 1492. 100% of the continent was populated by Amerindians.

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