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Welcome to Tampa International Airport. All Unattended Luggage Will Be Towed. Please Maintain Personal Contact with Your Belongings at All Times.

By Agnes

(No idea when this post will find its way to my blog -- I seem to be having connection issues.)

tampa departures

(And sorry about the quality. Self-timers apparently have no souls.)

Like I said, this whole trip-thing is bittersweet at best. 

Much more bitter than sweet, but it needs to be done.  

About to board the red eye to Qatar (via DC). 


Qatar map


Looks like my kind of place. I bet they have amazing falafel. Except I heard in some Muslim cultures widows are considered bad luck -- is that true? Well, be that as it may, all I have is a layover in Doha so no need to panic. I'll consider myself lucky if I can score a falafel.


All right, ladies and gentlemen, Oceanic 815 is now boarding...   ...see you on the other side.

(Or was it "see you in another life"? The thing Desmond used to say?)

Oceanic 815

Bon Voyage.




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