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Weekly Fatherhood Newsletter: Growing Kids, the Evil Agenda of Frozen, and a Star Wars Room

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
This week's roundup includes talking with kids about tough subjects, the hidden agenda behind Frozen, dealing with growing kids, and a very cool Star Wars room. Also, another installment of the Worst Dad in the World!!!
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Football Last week, following the arrest of Ray Rice for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, I wanted to talk to my Ravens-loving son about what happened. I postponed this difficult talk until my boy actually asked if he could wear his 27 Jersey to school. On the car ride to school, I tried to explain. (Explaining Ray Rice to My 6-Year-Old)

Gay Agenda
Gay Agenda A blog post written by a crazy woman went viral last week, after she explained the way Frozen had a hidden agenda, meant to make us all love the gays. That post was unfortunately too late for one dad whose young son has turned gay the moment the end credits started rolling. (Frozen Turned My Son Gay)

Great Expectations
Great Expectations This short post, written over a year ago, is still one of my favorites, because it's still honest and true, and probably will continue to be true for many years, unfortunately. I look at my boy as he navigates his way around the other kids in the playground, trying to fit in, and I feel nothing but compassion and pity for this kid, and then something silly happens and I lose it... I want Home to be a sanctuary--a place where my kids feel safe, where they don't have to fit in and act out, but instead, I turn home into just another obstacle. (Looking at My Boy)

Growing Up
Growing Up Sometimes it's the most personal blog posts from others that make us think about our own experiences. My kids are still young, but I can imagine them as teenagers, and I desperately want to pull the emergency break and stop this one-way train away from me. Here's a beautiful, very personal post about a baby who's somehow a teenager. (Teenager)

Star Wars
Star Wars We're moving in a few days, and my 6-year-old is very excited about his Star Wars room, which currently consists of nothing but Pottery Barn Star Wars sheet... If you're looking for more ideas from the artsy people at Etsy, a dad has collected a bunch of great items for a Star Wars themed room, mostly for babies, although a young kid can definitely find some items as well. (The Baby Star Wars Nursery)

Worst Dad in the World?
Worst Dad in the World? The dad who took this video and uploaded it to YouTube has already deleted the video, probably because every other person with a laptop and a Google+ account called him evil, but... I'm sorry, I'm with the other half. It's slapstick comedy, and slipping on ice is a staple of winter fun. Also, no one got hurt, and everyone seems to have had a good time. AND we have a good old father-daughter shared activity. (Father Laughs Hysterically At Kids Slipping On Ice)

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