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* Weekend Recap: ECFE Sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed!

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
As soon as I am all caught up with my blog [um never] I anticipate it being filled with weekend recaps highlighting special events and mixing in a few of my other favorite things- books/reading posts, bathroom remodel posts, vacation recaps, cooking class each month, anything AV, recipes and anything else that is classified as being 'blog-able'...
This weekend we had a mellow three days close to home. Friday night Aaron worked a little late- so we just hung out around the house and were in bed pretty early. As Aaron had to be up early [6am!] to work at the Railroad all day Saturday.
Saturday Avrie and I were also up a little earlier than usual so that I could get Avrie to Grandma Ertle's. I had the ECFE Garage Sale to attend at the high school. After about an hour of browsing I bummed into one of my ECFE mom friends (that i haven't seen since JAN- so that was nice!) and ended up finding a few things for AV. I found much more last year, but this year the sale seemed like an overwhelming amount of small infant and baby items, not much for toys and a few less tables from last year.
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed! [dresses - winter - summer - holiday - long sleeve]
I didn't find a born toy here either but I did find ANOTHER kangaroo. I really should stop adding to Avrie's Kangy collection, but this was .50 cents AND it had a little baby joey!
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed! [kangy line up!]
After the sale I headed back to Mom's to get Avrie. We then spent the rest of the day just hanging out. Aaron didn't make it home from work until close to 9pm. He was BEAT! I didn't blame him.
Sunday, I attended a bridal shower for my cousin Danny's fiance, Sarah. The pouring rain outside didn't have a thing on the adorable bride to be. All of the love and joy packed into her parent's home mixed with the heartwarming stories of Sarah's youth- were enough to put anyone in the mood to celebrate a wedding that is only 2 months away!
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed![61 days!]
Amber (my cousin) is a bridesmaid, her and the Maid of Honor put on a beautiful shower. Every detail of pink & gold were perfect for an afternoon "brunching in Paris". The food was SO good, I couldn't get enough of it all. I even ran out to the grocery store afterwards to buy the salad dressing for a copy cat meal and pinned the sandwiches to my "make it: food" board. We played a couple of cute games. I took home a prize for remembering the details of Sarah's outfit while she was out of the room. At some point we were all asked to write out a "date night" idea for the soon-to-be-married couple. I suggested making the "28th" (their wedding date) be their dedicated date night each month. Then to keep it up for as long as humanly possible- as they will appreciate this being their night at least once a month. Aaron and I NEED to get back into this routine- our date night has to get back on track for the 20th ASAP. [currently accepting all applications for babysitting] ;)
While I was at the shower Aaron and Avrie took a morning trip to Cabela's, with a trip to DQ on the way home. Once we were all back home, the remaining hours of Sunday involved a simple dinner, bath time for Avrie and also playing with Avrie in her room before bed. Sunday was also a big deal in that we moved Avrie's NEW big girl bed into her room! As we said goodbye to the crib- Avrie was a little sad but was quick to get over it. Her new & awesome big girl bed was made by Aaron. The logs were cut down by Aaron and of his family's property up north.
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed!
After the logs dried out in storage, Aaron peeled them with a power washing technique and then spent a weekend back up north drilling the holes, measuring and constructing with his brother Brad. Over the last couple of weeks Aaron has worked to perfect the bed by sanding it smooth, stabilizing it well enough for a monkey to jump on it and varnishing it to protect it.
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed!
We now have a BIG GIRL in a REAL BIG GIRL bed... and she, once again, looks tiny again while she sleeps. #She'llBeMyBabyForever
And seeing that it's Monday night as I write this. I want to mention that today my friends Melissa, Jamie and I drove up to Esko for a Birthday lunch visit with our friends Jayme. We delivered birthday hugs, pizza and cake!
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed!
Today she turned 31 AND we all got to meet little Landon. Landon was born on Feb 23rd and he's a cute little guy that I had fun flirting with between his feedings and little cat naps. After pizza, ice cream cake and a nice visit.
* Weekend Recap: ECFE sale, Bridal Shower & BIG(ger) Girl Bed!
We three headed back for home. Melissa did a great job navigating the soaking wet roads and plowing thru some pretty gusty northern winds.

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