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Wednesday Poll Time! How Do You Fake a Summer Tan in the Winter?

By Kellabella @kellabel
Hey Dolls!!!
I'm excited to start this new weekly feature on my blog! Every Wednesday I'm going to put up a new poll for you to vote on and the questions will be mainly beauty or blog related. I will keep the poll up until the following Wednesday so you can vote or see everyone else's answers. I think this will be fun to see what your fellow bloggers feel about certain topics and it might surprise you too!
You might be wondering about my beauty tip of the week feature, I started to realize that each week I was running out of specific tips to post. So instead of coming up with tips you've already heard or tips that wont benefit you I decided to stop that feature. That does not mean that there still wont be plenty of tips in my other posts, I'm always finding new tips to share, but it's not always once a week and I don't want to continue with a weekly feature if I can't guarantee I will be able to deliver. I hope that makes sense and you guys are okay with it :) I'll see how it goes for a few weeks and  if I don't get a lot of feedback then I'll go back to the beauty tips.
This week's poll is: How do you fake a summer tan/glow in the winter?
Since we're right smack in the middle of winter (my least favorite time of the year) skin can tend to get pale. I personally need to have some sort of color or glow, I don't know about you guys. If you do, I want to know how you go about getting some color or a glow in the winter.
Vote in the poll below, if you have a different answer there's an option for you to add it. Make sure to leave a comment!!
<a href="">How do you achieve a summer glow in the winter?</a>


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