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Wedding Time Capsule

By Feistytapas @feistytapas
How to make it and what to include
May 30th 2009, a scorcher of a sunny day reaching 28ºC. That was the day Mr Tapas and I chose (three months earlier) to get married. It was a fantastic day, full of fun, laughter, plenty of happy tears and dancing, lots of dancing. We have thousands of photos from that day, they all make me feel rather emotional.
Whereas I cannot go back and physically live that moment again. I can look back on it and feel and touch every little tangible memory it left behind.
When we got back from our honeymoon we received a big heavy box in the post, I opened it to find a manila box with a gorgeous polka dotty ribbon, inside a card and a note from my maid of honor.

Card inside my wedding time capsule, from my maid of honour, explaining what the box and its contents are all about

Ok, so I cheated by opening it early this year to show you all

You see, I cannot take much credit for what you are about to read, this was one of those inspired moments she has that makes you feel special.
Underneath the card there were lots more items, let me give you a little guided tour.
My maid of honor had included a printed document with the happenings so far in 2009, such as Barack Obama being sworn in, the most visited websites and the winners of the Academy Awards, the latter was a personal touch, she and I are big fans as is my now husband. There was one last paragraph that I have cut off because it has our full names, it reads: "Oh and Feisty Tapas married Mr Tapas at X a beautiful ceremony."

Wedding time capsule

In 2009 petrol was priced at 99p per liter. Oh how things have changed.

The box continued to surprise us with a couple of magazines from that month, The Times' newspaper from the day (it was a Saturday so it includes all supplements, untouched), a DVD with the episode of the Never Mind the Buzzcocks of that week (Mr Tapas was rather pleased with that!), a USB stick with the number one from that week and the video of our first dance. All with the idea that in a few decades when we open it we (and now LittleT) will be able to reminisce and, I bet, have a few giggles.

Wedding time capsule

The Times newspaper from the day of the wedding and magazines from that month

Wedding time capsule

Prints of a bunch of our wedding photos

In a note she told us that the idea was for us to add other bits and pieces, so we did, starting with what was left of my bouquet (I divided it to hand a few red roses to each of my friends who I wanted to see happy, not by marriage, just happy); the boxes our wedding rings came in; the red fans that decorated the tables and that came extremely handy given the heat of the day; my garter; some confetti; the ribbon my husband decorated his car with and the sender label from the big box that the lovely people at Sassi Holford sent my dress in.
Wedding time capsule
We were asked about our wedding theme by the venue's coordinator once, I replied there was no theme but a lot of red, I wasn't lying, see?
Wedding time capsule
 Our wedding programmes and menus, we did them in English and in Spanish. The programmes included this poem, read during the ceremony. My husband designed everything, find anything familiar? 
We've also included the CD with the music played during our ceremony, some love hearts that were scattered on the tables, all the wedding cards we received, the gift bag and card that my husband sent me through my maid of honor at the last minute the night before, inside the bag there was a lovely heart-shaped red pendant. 
We had a second party (I excitedly got to wear my wedding dress twice, yes) so the box now also contains the invitation to it.
Basically in a Wedding Time Capsule you are free to include whatever you want, it is your time capsule. With all the craziness of organising the wedding and actually getting married and going on honeymoon I would have never thought of this and I am so glad my fabulous friend did. 
We now open it on every anniversary and get all sentimental about the wonderful wedding day we had.
Do you have something similar? 

Wedding time capsule

The contents of the Wedding Time Capsule. Just in case you had any doubts: I love red and polka dots

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