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Wedding Planner Q&A – “A Bride Keeps Asking Questions But Hasn’t Hired Me, What Do I Do?”

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planners - Giving Free Advice via Facebook Chat

Even if you love planning weddings so much you’d do it for free, you can’t if you are trying to make a living as a wedding planner. Here’s how to handle a bride who asks questions via Facebook chat.


I met a bride through a friend. We have spoken on the phone since meeting and she has connected with me on Facebook. She sees when I am on the site and uses the chat to ask me specific questions about how to plan her wedding. She says she is impressed with my expertise and probably already owes me for the help I’ve given to her, but she has not yet hired me.

I don’t want to keep answering her questions like this but I also don’t want to lose her as a client.

What should I do?


If you stop answering her questions, you won’t be losing her as a client because she isn’t your client, she hasn’t hired you.

It sounds like this bride is taking advantage of you. She is getting you to give her a lot of wedding planning advice for free by flattering you and leading you to believe that she will hire you, but chances are good that she won’t. If you have spoken to her on the phone and chatted on Facebook, you have probably given her a lot of the information she needs to plan her own wedding or have a friend help her do it.

You need to realize how valuable your time and knowledge really are to brides. It’s fine to give a free 20 minute consultation or answer a few questions on a chat or email. But beyond that, you should be charging for a consultation.

I suggest you thank the bride for her interest in you. Then tell her that you have many more wedding planning ideas for her, and would be happy to meet with her in person or over the phone for a consultation. Explain the benefits of your consultations and your fees and end by asking her when she would be available for an appointment.

If she is serious about hiring you, she will do it. If she was only trying to get free information, she may tell you she’ll get back to you and you may not hear from her again. Don’t be upset by this! Remember you did not lose her as a client because she never was one in the first place. Move on and help the brides who value you and are willing to pay you.

And, of course, turn off your Facebook chat!

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