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Weaving a Network of Group Relations – The Genesis of the Annual Report of WTT-Global

By Luphil

Do you like reading reports, annual reports, for example? And if you open one, would you read more than 2 lines?

I think most would answer both questions with a “no”. Clicking a “like” on Facebook is easier and faster than understanding what a report like the Annual Report of WTT-Global is really about.

12 years ago, Sri Kumar told me on two occasions that such an overview of the activities of the movement is very important. And he remarked that it had taken him years to convince the Indian members of its significance so that they started preparing such reports.

I felt the impact Sri Kumar was giving to compose an Annual Report but I didn’t really understand. I had just been called by him into the Executive Board of WTT-Global. For the previous 2 years I had translated the reports – they were more reviews of the tours and activities of Sri Kumar  in different parts of the world. Since I wasn’t touring this could not be my approach. I would collect information about the tours but rather gather reports about what the groups are doing.

Since 12 years, I am now editing the Annual Report of WTT-Global. The first report had 24 pages – short inputs from activities from 31 groups – the last one, published on May Call, has 81 pages – reports from 38 groups and committed individuals, partly very long ones, with insights into a huge variety of activities of service and meditative work; furthermore short insights into Sri Kumar’s tours in the West, the Paracelsus magazine project and the activities of the Executive Board.

The work for the Annual Report – writing, compiling, translating, and editing – turned out to be full of subtle dimensions. It was not only a kind of taking the pulse of the various groups – I can strongly feel the echo of the qualities of the different groups. The seemingly administrative exercise is a fascinating instrument of weaving a network of cordial relations around the globe. You feel a difference whether the contributions are a “copy-paste” of the previous year (“we are just doing the same like in the years before”) or from a group which reflected on their own work, discovered the scope and complexity of what they are doing. You easily forget this in the currents of everyday life. By sitting down to formulate and to translate, to gather photos and inputs from the other group members, you receive new impulses, for re-sharpening the focus and cooperation: When you look at a thing with loving attention, a further unfolding develops.

Last Tuesday, the day I wanted to get the report printed, I received the biggest group input, a very impressive read which I included just before I drove to the copy center. And two days ago another interesting contribution arrived which I could include only in the soft-copy version – I started gathering the texts in March but it seems it is not so easy for the groups to organize themselves. And some groups didn’t react at all – no problem, all are free to decide what they want to do.

Sri Kumar gave two mottoes for this year’s Annual Report, one for the cover and one as an “Editorial”: “There is no higher purpose than serving the Plan and the Hierarchy.” and “Let us Strive to Beautify the Personality To be Temple, the Solomon’s Temple.” They describe not only two guiding lights of the spiritual path but also of the work the Annual Report is all about: An instrument of alignment and transformation.

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