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Wear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion Or Event

By Jayshreebhagat
A saree is one outfit that can enhance the beauty of a woman. It is suitable for women of all body types. Be it a wedding, festive occasion, party or event, there is a saree. So, you can wear heavy silk and designer sarees with contrast colors for weddings. Take a look at these tips and understand how to dress for a particular occasion.
1.   Day events:Wear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or Event
Sarees that are perfect for daytime events. If you are planning to buy casual wear sarees, then opt for a cotton saree and make sure it has a light color. Try as much to avoid choosing dark colors; such as red, blue, etc., otherwise, you will be looked overdressed. Always select bright shades such as light blue, yellow, light green, cream color, etc. Opt for a white saree with designs and pretty prints can do wonders. Also, if it is a daytime party and function, experiment with lace sarees.
2.   Evening or Night FunctionWear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or Event
When you have an evening party to attend, you can wear colors that shine in the night too. Opt for shimmer and dazzling prints. You can wear a saree with and heavy embroidery and zari work for evening and night function. Opt for silk sarees such as Mysore Silk Sarees or Kancheepuram Silk Sarees provides great looks to a woman and are ideal for wedding party wear sarees.
3.   For WeddingsWear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or Event
Today, Indian South Indian silk sarees such Kancheepuram, Sambhalpuri, Banarsi s and Mysore Silk Sarees are ideal for weddings. The saris are not only suitable for weddings but can also be worn for any festival. However, since they have a lot of artwork on it, they are pretty expensive, but they will give you a majestic and gorgeous look.
4.   For PartyWear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or Event
When we talk about party wear sarees, they don not naturally need to traditional. For high profile dinner party with your family or colleagues, husband, you can wear designer or net sarees.
5.   For Traveling Purpose Wear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or Event
Synthetic casual wear sarees that are light weight are ideal for traveling as they provide more comfort and are easily manageable during traveling. If you want to add a dose of glamor, wear a saree that has smaller prints, embroidery, light color or is good, but do not wear a saree with dark colors or large prints, heavy embroidery and zari work.
6.   Festival Occasions:Wear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or EventBe it for any festive occasion, Holi, Diwali, you can opt for designer net or silk sarees that are available online. Remember that they can be fairly heavy, and you can wear matching jewelry with them. Festive occasions demand grandeur, and in such times, silk comes handy. Silk Sarees like Banarasi and South Indian Silk Sarees are also an apt choice to wear during festivals as they proved they give a traditional look.
7.   Office Purpose
Wear a Sari According to the Party, Occasion or Event
For the office, you need to be dressed decently. You can confidently pull off a cotton saree. Make sure you pin up your saree in office because it will be more comfortable and manageable for you. Since, its office hours, you can choose something in light shades such as green, cream, light peach, blue, pink, and white sarees along with light embroidery work and print appropriate for the office. However, if you are going to a business meeting, then you can wear minimalistic makeup and plain saree. You can choose cotton, raw silk or chiffon sarees with a light color.
Always note that if it's a cotton saree or any other that have to starch. Ensure your pleats are perfectly tucked for a beautiful look. Indian sarees are famous at an international level, and their attractiveness enthralls women across the world and makes them an important part of their wardrobe.

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