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Waterbed Sex: Is Sex on a Waterbed a Good Idea?

By Richard Morse @insidebedroom

Waterbed sex obviously involves couples having sex on a waterbed! The question is, is this a good idea or not? As with most sex-related activities, this may likely be a matter of personal preference. Here, we shall discuss the pros and cons of waterbed sex. We shall not be commenting on whether it is better to have sex on a bouncy innerspring mattress rather than on a memory foam mattress that tends to offer a lot less bounce.

Many partners choose an innerspring mattress to a memory foam mattress. That is because memory foam has little bounce. It is great for those suffering back or shoulder pain - but sex. It should be noted that many couples enjoy active sex on memory foam mattresses. So what about waterbed sex? Here is an explanation of what that refers to.

Waterbed Sex - Will Sex on a Waterbed Be Good For You?

So will sex on a waterbed be good for you? The pros and cons of waterbed sex are partially anecdotal: meaning that the comments rely on those that use waterbeds in this way. What better source than that!

However, there are more factors involved than just that. For a start, water beds are mainly silent. Squeaky beds are a sure signal of people having sex. You don't get that with a waterbed. Here are some other positive reasons why sex on a waterbed is a good idea:

A waterbed is bouncy, just like an innerspring mattress. When couples have sex on a memory foam bed, they find that getting a rhythm going is very difficult. For some people that don't matter - it's the act that counts not any rhythm. A lot depends on how far into a relationship you are - for many couples anywhere will do, but they would prefer comfort.

Why Sex on a Waterbed is a Good Idea - Or a Bad One!

Here are some other reasons why sex on a waterbed may be a good idea:

  • It makes little noise! A spring mattress can create a noise that lets everybody within listening distance know what you are doing. It is difficult to understand why this should be an issue because without sex humans would die out.
  • It's bouncy! A waterbed is bouncy and offers the bounce that lovers like when having sex.
Waterbed Sex: Is Sex on a Waterbed a Good Idea?
  • A waterbed enables your combined body weights to be distributed equally over the entire bed. This means that you can have sex in any position you prefer without losing the support of your bed or mattress. A waterbed can support you both in whatever position you prefer, and wherever on the bed, you prefer.
  • Easy to Clean: It is easy for a regular mattress cover to become contaminated with fluids during and after sex. Even if you use a separate mattress cover, it is possible for the mattress itself to become contaminated. In many cases, this can invalidate your warranty should you ever need to make a claim. A waterbed mattress has a vinyl top that is easy to clean.

The same could be said of other beds: conventional beds with innerspring mattresses are good for sex. The same applies to some hybrids combining latex foam and innerspring: particularly pocketed innerspring. However, all is not rosy.

Here are some of the negative aspects of sex on a waterbed - or what to look out for.

  • Lying on a waterbed can give you a feeling of unwanted movement as the water sloshes about in the mattress. This movement can put you off the reason for being there.
  • The constant movement of a waterbed could make you and/or your partner slightly nauseous. If you are having a sexual encounter with someone who is not familiar with waterbeds, then the experience can make a big difference to his or her experience. As the water flows below your bodies, you may find it difficult to focus only on your partner - or vice versa.
  • The after-sex experience may be less than you might have wished for. Your mattress should be comfortable enough for you and your partner to lie down and cuddle each other before going to sleep. Many mattresses do not allow this to happen, so check out with various people how their mattresses work for them in this respect.

Many people believe that an innerspring mattress is best for sex. However, very few have experienced waterbed sex! Is sex on a waterbed a good idea? Sure it is! For many people, any sex anywhere is a good idea! However, if you choose a waterbed then you can be sure of a lasting experience. Waterbed sex is a wonderful idea for many people.

Waterbed Sex Conclusion: Is Sex on a Waterbed a Good Idea?

So is sex on a waterbed a good idea? Absolutely! You must have confidence in your partner: don't get yourself bogged down into thinking that you must have sex on one mattress or another. Waterbed sex will be good for anybody that wants to try it. Just ask those that have been involved in it.

It has been demonstrated that sex on a waterbed is an amazing concept to couples wanting sex when on vacation or simply want a good time. Waterbed sex is good for everybody - and we can provide the means to enjoy it as you wish by means of our reviews of the best mattresses for waterbed sex.

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