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Water, Please: Frozen, Not Shaken, with the Nikon 16-35 Mm f/4

By Artborghi @artborghi

Reichenbach Falls artborghi -1c

Here are the Reichenbach Falls. Into these dangerous waters Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty shared their last, deadly embrace.

Reichenbach Falls artborghi -2

Climbing aside this 250 metres waterfall, you reach its first steps into the forest.  How to shoot such dramatic location?

Reichenbach Falls artborghi -3

Long, 1/5 sec exposure times (left) or fast 1/1000 sec (right) ?

Reichenbach Falls artborghi -4

Shaken or frozen water? All pictures (click to magnify) shot hand-held thanks to the amazing VR of the Nikon 16-35 mm f/4.

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