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Watch the Movie That Exposes the Cholesterol Cover-Up

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Is high cholesterol the main cause of heart disease? Are cholesterol-lowering drugs miracle drugs, nearly free of side-effects, that the majority of the adult population needs to take every day?

This movie exposes the exaggerations and the grossly misleading marketing of daily medications to people who don't need them. That is, most people who take cholesterol-lowering drugs without having heart disease. That's when the risk of bad side effects (that are silenced) usually outweighs the benefit.

There's another problem: total focus on cholesterol is profitable for the pharmaceutical industry, but it sucks energy from all other effective lifestyle changes to prevent heart disease. Real health is not to be found in a bottle of pills.

Statin Nation

The movie Statin Nation does a good job of providing information about the cholesterol cover-up. We are now able to stream the movie online for our members ( free trial available).

You can watch the trailer above. Watch the full movie here: Statin Nation (for members).

Sign up for a free trial month - watch Statin Nation and get immediate access to many other videos and movies.


After a free trial month, should you choose to continue, membership is $9 per month. Every dollar is used to finance the Diet Doctor organization. Our goal is to help ever more people revolutionize their health.

More Movies

Watch the Movie That Exposes the Cholesterol Cover-Up
We have several other selected movies (on the theme of real health) available for members. For example the movie Carb-Loaded, that you can see a trailer for here.

Do you have any suggestions for more movies/documentaries that you'd like to see? Feel free to leave a comment.


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