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Warren Wants To Tax Corporations For "Excessive" Lobbying

Posted on the 13 October 2019 by Jobsanger
Warren Wants Corporations
From Morning Consult:
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s most recent tax proposal takes aim at limiting the influence of “excessive” corporate lobbying, a move nearly 1 in 2 registered voters say they would support. . . .
A Morning Consult/Politico survey conducted among 1,991 registered voters from Oct. 7-8 — just days after Warren unveiled her plan — asked voters whether they would support the proposal, which calls for a tax on corporations that spend more than $500,000 per year to lobby the government in favor of their causes. A 49 percent plurality of respondents backed Warren’s plan, while 22 percent said they were opposed. The poll has a margin of error of 2 percentage points. . . .
Warren’s plan would tax companies that spend between $500,000 and $1 million annually on government lobbying at a 35 percent rate, and escalate to 60 percent on every dollar spent above $1 million and 75 percent on every dollar above $5 million. Warren said the revenues resulting from those taxes would be set aside for federal agencies impacted by lobbying efforts and to fund congressional support resources.
Despite widespread support for general lobbying limitations, many voters were largely unaware of Warren’s plan. Thirty-nine percent of voters said they have seen, read or heard “nothing at all” regarding the proposal, while another 28 percent said their level of awareness of the plan was “not much.”

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