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Walking the Hills of Golden Valley... Tyrol Hills North

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

My walking leads me, not the other way around. Perhaps it's a sense adventure or maybe just disorganization. But, I love doing it. And, yes, I have got gotten lost in the past, but not now with my GPS.


Nobody would call me a "techno" guy, but I love to listen to podcasts when I walk. History is my favorite topic like "Stuff You Missed in History Class". But there are many topics available. And I use the MapMyWalk app to record my walks.

The other day (before the snow fell!) I dropped off our Fifth Grade grandson at Meadowbrook school then decided to go for a walk. As often happens I get led to paths by happenstance. This time I wanted to see Golden Valley Lutheran church so I headed south. After appreciating the church, I headed further south and east into a great area of homes that seem out of character, to be so secluded from the commercial surroundings.

Very nice homes are almost hidden from the highways and commerce around it. As I traveled east then north I crossed Highway 100 on Glenwood Avenue and was quickly in another secluded neighborhood. I walked into the Tyrol Hills - North.


Beautiful homes and the great campus of Breck School were my next discoveries... imagine that, outstanding public and private schools just across the highway from each other.

After seeing the private school's campus and soccer, football and lacrosse fields, I enter a really "cool" neighborhood. The houses are really beautiful! The streets were quiet with topography and vegetation wonderfully incorporated into the design of the homes. I met a nice woman who lives in the neighborhood and loves to walk in the area. As you will note in these pictures the home designs are quite diverse. It's a beautiful place. Great walking, too.

Check out Golden Valley homes for sale in this convenient location near the Perpich Arts High School, Meadowbrook Elementary, and Private Breck School... all outstanding schools!

Golden Valley Homes for Sale

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