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Waking to the Birds and the Sunrise, and Spending My Days Trekking the Forests

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture A vibrant array of colors burst out from the horizon and beyond the trees; from orange to yellow to pink, purple and blue, the morning rose and with it came the soft chirping of cardinals and blackbirds ushering in a new day. With the sun on my face and hair warm in the light, I awoke with a deep breath before sitting up and greeting the new day with a wide smile.
Picture I packed my tent and rucksack before gripping my trekking poles as I ventured off into a forest of pine. The smell of wildflowers and pine intertwined with the fresh air in a gorgeous bouquet. Furry friends squabbled over nuts as I passed by, hiking over a rock mound of small boulders packed deep into the earth until the sound of rushing water met my ears. Making my way to the water, I came across a young doe and her mother lapping up water from across the stream. I approached gently, slowly sliding my pack from my shoulders and I watched the pair for a time.
And for some time, I let the flow the stream guide my thoughts. It wasn’t long before I had my notebook and pen out from my pack. Sometimes, it’s the soulful moments of simplicity in Nature that sparks my creativity and flow, which usually takes me along a path of discovery, as some of my best literary ideas come to me while I’m exploring the woods.
Picture After awhile, my pen slowed and I decided to continue on along a game trail. Hours passed seamlessly for me and without notice, and as I tramped through fields of brush and through thick forests of endless beauty, I found a perched spot overlooking a natural meadow and decided to make camp for the night. And my night ended as wonderfully as it started.
For me, camping and spending time in Nature is the ultimate cure all. Not only does the experience of being out in it give me peace, it aids my stressed mind and nerves a chance for much needed respite. And I honestly believe that spending time with Mother Nature can cure the strongest anxiety and temper the worst stress level. If I could hike everyday and live my days in the wilderness, I would. I would grab my Foxelli trekking poles and take off for months on end. Because it is where I feel free, and sane, and carefree. And because, deep down, I feel a natural connection to her.
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Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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