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Waiter Does The Right Thing: Special Needs Child Bullied By An Adult

By Carlo @CarloAtYourServ

Waiter Does The Right Thing: Special Needs Child Bullied By An Adult Look at that cute, sweet face.
Now tell me.. who in the world would get off on disparaging a sweet little boy like that? 
 A mean adult restaurant patron, that's who. But thank goodness, he had a friend who had his back.
I'm about sick and tired of this "bully mentality" nonsense, aren't you? I mean... they're everywhere. In the workplace, in schools (don't we know just too, too much about that?), even in our own families.
Speaking of which... I have a cousin who is a serious bully, for real. What a sign of complete insecurity; to verbally or physically attack other people. As if her s*** don't stink!
Yeah.. get this. For no reason in 2010, bullied me  -  in an unwarranted fit of rage, in front of my own father, throwing me out of her home over a missing digital camera box. Yes, that's right. Not over a missing digital camera, but a digital camera box. 

Will someone PLEASE TELL ME what I'm supposed to do with a digital camera box?
LOL! In hindsight, that is just too funny.
Karma is a mutha... so be nice, always.
Check out Milos hero...


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Waiter Does The Right Thing: Special Needs Child Bullied By An Adult
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