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Vivir Para Bloguearlo: Valencia Expat/Travel Blogger Meeting

By Nothemingwaysspain @nothmngwysspain
It is a brand new year, 2013 ("20" and "13" happen to be my lucky numbers!) and the very first thing I wanted to tell you all is that some friends and I are hosting a Valencia Blogger Meeting for any expat and travel bloggers interested in joining us.
Last fall Chic Soufflé and I were really happy to learn that our longtime friends from the fantastic dormant blog, Hola Valencia, and the current travel blog, For 91 Days, would be in town for a while to recharge their batteries. We are taking advantage of their stay to invite any and all of you in the blogosphere or #twitterverse to please join us on:
Saturday, January 26th  at (Spanish) lunchtime (i.e. 2PM) at Spaghetti & Blues (on the Patacona beach).
The title of this entry is inspired by the Spanish saying, "vivir para contarlo" ("living to tell the tale"), or maybe by the Gabriel García Márquez autobiography's titled pun on the expression, "Vivir para contarla" (2002). How many of you bloggers out there in Valencia, or thereabouts (Costa Blanca, anyone?), or within a short AVE train ride away (yes, all of you bloggers in Madrid, too!)... How many of you sometimes feel like you are living your expat or traveller's tale so as to blog about it?

Vivir para bloguearlo: Valencia Expat/Travel Blogger Meeting

Do you have a tendency to share too much everything online?

Well, then come join us in Valencia on January 26th to meet some other people who "live to tell the tale" of their expat musings on cross-cultural encounters in Spain or those people who we all envy and hate who manage to actually travel the world and the seven seas and write about it.
Here is a list of our confirmed bloggers/tweeple participants (which I'll update periodically):
Myself Chic Soufflé For 91 Days / HolaValencia Graham Hunt Travel-o-Cafe
Please post a comment below, email me, or tweet to me at my Twitter account, if you'd like to join us. I'll update this page with more logistical details as it gets nearer.
Happy New Year!

Vivir para bloguearlo: Valencia Expat/Travel Blogger Meeting

My wife saw this, laughed, and said it reminded her of me.
I don't know what she's talking about!

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