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Vitamins for the Soul :: 8 Videos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

By Ventipop @ventipop

I do enjoy making people cry, but in a good way. Here are 8 videos to restore your faith in humanity. They show how amazing and complex and beautiful people STILL can be. Enjoy this edition of the Daily Grind :: Vitamins for the Soul.

Steve Hartman is the best.

Steve Hartman's simple story of a girl and her duck kick things off today:

The best of humanity captured in images:

This man's 10th anniversary wedding gift to his wife with MS is what love is all about:

Imagine a world without barriers:

Happy Birthday Nan! This video makes me miss my Mamaw even more:

My art teacher used to yell at the class, "The word "CAN'T" isn't a word!". Maybe she was right:

Giving to people who give:

And of course, we have to have humor. Always humor:

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