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Virgin Brazilian Waxing Experience with STRIP­‐A‐LICIOUS Sundae: Walk-through and Review

By Joanna Koh

By Felicia Wong

In a previous post on hair removal, we reviewed the IPL treatment at Strip, the Global Authority on Hair Removal with 2.5 million bushes pruned and counting! This time, we were invited to try out the Strip-a-licious Sundae, their newest formulation for a comfortable waxing experience.


The best part: it’s the perfect introduction to waxing for Brazilian/Boyzilian virgins with their specially formulated waxes that are effective at hair removal while being extra-gentle on the skin!

Just a little background on Brazilian waxing: 

Brazilian Wax is the depilation of all hair from the pubic region, both front and back (including the vagina, perineum and anus).

Strip’s specially formulated waxes shrink-wrap the hair so that no strip cloth is needed. It is uniquely devised and highly recommended for treating sensitive areas as it helps to minimize discomfort.

Benefits of Waxing:

Waxing usually lasts much longer than other non-permanent hair removal methods, your nether regions will be refreshingly fuzz-free for about 3 to 6 weeks. Even when the hair finally grows back, it is significantly softer and finer than before.

This is because methods like shaving merely removes the hair at the surface, as opposed to extracting it fully from the root. Thus although it is quicker and much more painless, hair can be seen growing back just after a few days, and leave a rough, ungainly and not to mention, uncomfortable stubble behind.

To cap it off, waxing also works as a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin down under soft and smooth!

Walk-through and Review: 

My virgin Brazilian waxing experience was held at Strip Mandarin Gallery, one of the largest Strip outlets in Singapore. Before I went off for my session, Eugenia gave me a quick run-through of the process since I was a Brazilian virgin, and it definitely helped with the mental preparation for what was to come!

Just in case you’re wary of having strangers fiddling around your “down there”, rest assured that all the waxperts (Waxing experts) at Strip have gone through strict training boot camps so they definitely know what they’re doing. Furthermore, waxperts adhere to the HSQ philosophy:


Hygiene:  Strip practices a no ‘double-dipping’ policy, which means that the sticks used to apply the wax are tossed after every application so that’s no cross-contamination at all! On top of that, pre-sealed and individually disposable hygiene packs are used to further emphasize their dedication to cleanliness.

Speed: The speed of Waxperts displays their skill, precision and experience, a Brazilian Wax takes approximately just 15 – 30 minutes for one treatment. 

Quality: The quality of Strip’s wax and post-wax care products will ensure that you get a good treatment without any skin inflammation and infections.

With that extra assurance that I was in the good hands of my therapist, Jasmine, I was whisked off to the treatment room for my scoop of Strip-a-licious Sundae!


Mantras are written all over the treatment room so you can look at them and chant to yourself as a distraction if you’re nervous!



If you need a non-judgmental buddy, you can choose a cute squeezy toy to man-handle during the treatment to distract yourself from the pain.


Along with my squeezy strawberry, there’s a disinfecting wipe for you to clean your “down under” and since you will need to remove your bottom apparel (yes, that includes your underwear), a towel to shield your nether region prior to the treatment.


Strip waxperts usually follow a step-by-step technique where they do the outer layer first, and then slowly move in to the more sensitive areas so you aren’t thrown into the deep end all at once!

1. Strawberry! 

First, the strawberry wax is applied in small areas over the skin. Developed specially for Brazilian waxing virgins, the strawberry wax packs the healing powers of Chamomile and Aloe Vera to calm and soothe even the most tender skin, removing hair with minimal discomfort and leaving skin enveloped in a comforting strawberry scent.


Jasmine was nice enough to let me catch a whiff of the strawberry wax before application, it looked and smelled good enough to eat!

The wax dried in about 3 seconds, and Jasmine would then pull it out in the direction of hair growth so it doesn’t damage the skin and that the entire hair is pulled out, leaving nothing behind! She advised that if you’re going to shave by yourself, first pull skin upwards to hold it taut before shaving in the direction of hair growth, so that there is a lower chance of damaging your skin and helps to avoid ingrown hairs.

Right after the wax is ripped off, she pressed down over the newly-waxed area for a couple of seconds, and this helped in soothing the pain. If it was going to be a painful part to wax (Yes, they’re experienced enough to be able to tell!), Jasmine would tell me to take a deep breath beforehand and mentally brace myself for the incoming pain.

2. Chocolate!

After the entire area has been waxed with the strawberry wax, chocolate wax is then applied as a touch-up to remove any fine or stubborn hairs. Formulated with Titanium dioxide, the Chocolate Berry wax is super efficient in removing even the shortest and most stubborn hair with gentle ease to leave the skin completely smooth and fuzz-free.


Jasmine was careful to not wax the same area more than 3 times as she explained that it is bad for the skin. The process was similar to the strawberry wax earlier.

3. Vanilla!

After the freshly waxed and baby-smooth area was cleaned up with a disinfecting wipe, Strip’s very own Ice Cream, which is used to comfort and calm skin, was applied all over the treatment area and I was good to go!


Before I left the outlet, I was also given a bottle of Ice Cream, a soothing, calming cream that puts out any skin flames and fires with lasting moisture to be applied over the treatment area for the next few days. Thank you for the thoughtfulness Strip!



Although it was my first time getting anywhere waxed, let alone a Brazilian, I felt right at home in Strip. Comfort definitely comes first in the treatment rooms, whilst the professional therapists are sure to get the job done quickly in efficiently!

The entire Brazilian wax took about 15-20minutes to complete, which was super quick and I did not feel overwhelmed by the pain at any point in time, so even those with a low pain tolerance would definitely be able to go through this! (Oh, the lengths we go to for beauty!) Furthermore, the scent of strawberry and chocolate was pleasant and not at all overpowering, making the waxing experience all the more enjoyable.

My therapist, Jasmine was incredibly friendly and professional, answering all my questions with ease while waxing away, so do look for her if you’re going to visit the Strip Mandarin Gallery outlet. I for one know just where to go when I need another Brazilian session!

In fact, Strip is currently running a specially promotion for new customers!

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 6.30.42 PM

Get your own Strip-a-licious sundae at only S$30 (Brazilian wax) / S$40 (Boyzilian wax) (U.P. S$62). [One-time redemption only. Valid till 30 September 2013]

If you’ll be near 100AM on 23 and 24 August, do look out for the Strip Booth where they’ll be giving out free ice cream! (The edible kind)



ICE CREAM retails at S$51.36 and is available at all Strip outlets in Singapore.

STRIP-A-LICIOUS is available at all STRIP outlets in Singapore. 

100 AM 
Beauty Emporium  (Dempsey)
Wheelock Place
The Cathay
Great World City
Ion Orchard
Mandarin Gallery
Raffles City Basement
Raffles City Street Level
Holland Village
Vivo City
Tampines 1

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