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Viral Video: Couple Married for 72 Years Reveal the Five Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

By Periscope @periscopepost

Viral video: Couple married for 72 years reveal the five secrets to a long and happy marriage

Wedding rings. Photo credit: Goran Ratković

Wedding toasts delivered via video link-up are often fairly bland and long-winded affairs. Indeed, the more cynically-minded of wedding guests can’t help wondering why the well-wishers couldn’t be bothered to make the trip if they care sooooo much about the couple getting hitched.

But you’d be wrong to think all such toasts are dry, dreary events. Take Selma and Kenny’s five tips to their grandson for surviving marriage. It’s frank, funny and actually pretty moving. And it’s given gravitas by the fact that the giggling, bickering pair have been married for 72, yes 72, years. Tips include practicalities like making sure to keep the frigidaire well stocked “because you do not want to be hungry or starved” to warnings that, when travelling, “you’ve got to watch your husband, though” as his eyes may wander.

Michael Bender, co-founder of the website Awkward Family Photos said the couple recorded the message for him and his bride because they were not able to make trip across the country to attend his wedding, reported The Telegraph.

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