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Vigilant Citizen Goes Apeshit Supernova on Pezzer's New 'Illuminati' Video Without Saying PRIMARY

Posted on the 26 February 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Vigilant Citizen properly goes apeshit supernova on this sassy new Pezzer video without using the word Primary refering to a) colour, b) infants and c) politics.
I love VC's use of the term Sex Kitten, which is exactly what you'all are - consumerised MK Ultra fodder.
It is rather hard to believe that all of this Illuminati symbolism was packed into a video that only lasts 3 minutes and 40 seconds. It is even harder to believe that some people still cannot see the obvious pattern of symbols found in mass media that transcends artists, music genres and even media outlets. Far from being random, these symbols have been used for centuries to represent the occult elite and they are now all over the place.
In short, Dark Horse is Illuminati propaganda aimed at children, using bright colors and catchy hooks to subliminally teach them who rules the world and who controls the idols that they love and emulate. Of course, none of this is clearly spelled out. Instead, it comes at you through symbolism … like a dark horse.
[source Vigilant Citizen]
 PS: lock up your daughters, here's Isis! Lap it up, kitties.  

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