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Video: Jon Stewart Bulldozes Glenn Beck’s ‘Independence, USA’ Nightmare

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Kzawadzki @kzawadzki

Glenn Beck’s vision for this town tells you a lot about the freedom fetishists who swear at every turn that their opponents’ attempts to govern democratically are tyrannical assaults on our founding freedoms.

But they don’t really believe in freedom, ‘freedom to…’ They believe in ‘freedom from…’ Freedom from liberals. From people they disagree with.

These folks that cloak themselves in patriotism, pretending that they alone can reveal the true intent of our Constitution are not our Founding Fathers reincarnate.

They’re just another fucking neighborhood association, whose nostalgic utopia will fall apart the minute somebody decides to pant their house mauve.

A powerful and still funny conclusion on Glenn Beck’s horrible idea of a libertarian-conservative commune from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

I was wondering when Stewart would get to addressing this latest hot mess to come from the far right’s Glenn Beck.

As always, Stewart tells it like it is and Glenn Beck’s libertarian utopia is revealed for what it is – a nightmare scenario. It truly sounds to me more like a blend between a cult commune and totalitarian micro-state (‘deprogramming’ centers? Really? Would those be a anything like the concentration camps in North Korea which the government there calls re-education centers?). Completely opposite to what libertarians claim they stand for.

But why am I boring you with my two cents. Stewart is smarter, wittier and funnier than I ever will be. Watch and have a laugh, maybe sigh and shake your head, in two parts:


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