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.Video Hits EAP Today & 85% Of All Premiums Are Priced at $200 Or Less

Posted on the 29 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

.Video is entered the Early Access Program (EAP) today (day 1) and based on the volume of Sunrise registrations and search data it would seem to be a pretty hot new gTLD.

We counted some 460 domain registrations by trademark holders in the Sunrise period which is one of the largest to date.

Beyond the number of Sunrise registrations the registrations themselves are telling

The CBS family which includes Viacom, Showtime, MTV and Nickelodeon registered a lot of domains not just of the networks but for many of its popular programs even old programs going back to I Love Lucy.

Other broadcasters getting .Video domains included Fox, HBO, Discovery Networks, Starz and the Weather Channel.

Shows like Entertainment Tonight, Americas Next Top Model, Judge Judy also registered .Video domains.

Even got the domain FunnyorDie.Video

Katy Perry got

The National Hockey League (NHL) also went in heavy into .Video registrations.

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft also registered quite a few domain names.

All and all very impressive list and we have a bunch of the more interesting sunrise registrations below.

I have no idea how and Freeporn.Video got registered in Sunrise but they did as well as

I reached out to Rightside the registry for .Video for some information on how many domain names are premium priced.

Premium priced domains have a renewal rate equal to the registration price (plus the one time EAP charge if ordered during that period)

Here is the info for .Video

There are just over 30k premiums .Video domains but 85% of those are priced at a wholesale cost of $200 or below.

Matt Overman from Rightside told

“We are really excited about the level of brand participation during the .VIDEO sunrise period. It’s been our most active sunrise to date and we are hopeful that this momentum carries thru to EAP and beyond. There are so many great premium domains priced under $250 such as,, and, available starting today in EAP at all of our many registrar partners.

Additionally, the momentum we are building with higher value premium domain sales, including 6 figure sales like and, should continue with the launch of .VIDEO and the release of domains like and”

I should also note that the word Video has the same meaning in many other languages including German, French, Italian Spanish, Portuguese.

Here are the more interesting trademark registrations:

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