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Very Quietly .Luxury Which Had a Domain Registration Fee of $799 Passes 1,000 Registrations

Posted on the 19 July 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

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We haven’t heard much about .Luxury since the new gTLD launch with the eye popping price of up to $799 per domain, per year  registration for a non-premium domain.

Since the launch which saw over over 600 hundred Sunrise applications of brands grabbing their new .Luxury gTLD’s.

However since the launch .Luxury has added another 400 registrations and sits at 1,027 registrations which of course means the registry long ago made back its registration fee.

One of the the types of registrations we are still seeing  are brands that missed the Sunrise as well as some creative registrations.

Prices of a  .Luxury registration has dropped significantly o $559 at Godaddy and even lower at other registrars.

Of course just because the registration price is high doesn’t mean that some people won’t register horrible domains just the same.

You have to love the domain name

Just because domains are priced at $799 it also doesn’t mean you don’t have trademark infringing domains registered

The domain name wasn’t registered by the store. wasn’t registered by the clothing designer. is not owned by the car manufacturer.

While its important for brand holders to protect their marks sometimes they take it way to far as in the case of wwwtedbaker.Luxury. Really they are expecting that much traffic to TedBaker.Luxury they are worried about the www typo?  Maybe they should turn on TedBaker.Luxury before they spend another $800 on the wwwtedbaker domain.

Not sure what is, but I’m willing to try it next time I’m in Colorado.  Likewise not sure what SexToys.Luxury would entail but again in the spirit of research I’m willing to check a few out.

I still don’t get registrations where the string in repeated in the domain, but there are quite a few of these like:

Finally I have to mention that Timex has their .Luxury domain more than two months before Rolex got their .Luxury domain.

Just saying.

Here are some of the newer .Luxury registrations:

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